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I posted a write-up of my current workout routine in [community profile] lifting_heavy_things.

Linking here as it's focused on building strength for climbing and correcting muscular imbalances during the enforced time off while I recover from my Lisfranc injury, so I thought it might be of interest.
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Just a quick note to say I wrote up last year's trad escapades on my own DW journal here
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BoingBoing on climbing:

Climb On! by Lisa Katayama

I want to entertain an offhand theory that I've had ever since I became obsessed with indoor rock climbing two and a half years ago: It's great for geeks, and we should all be doing it.
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NYT Well Blog: What Exercise Science Doesn’t Know About Women

The article has some eye-rolling cliches ('lightly-plucked eyebrows', really?), so for those who'd rather skip it, it mainly boils down to:

Scientists know, of course, that women are not men. But they often rely on male subjects exclusively, particularly in the exercise-science realm, where, numerically, fewer female athletes exist to be studied. But when sports scientists recreate classic men-only experiments with distaff subjects, the women often react quite differently.


In the meantime, female athletes should view with skepticism the results from exercise studies that use only male subjects.
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(...and I did not eated it.)

Dave MacLeod's excellent blog Online Climbing Coach now has a feed at [syndicated profile] davemacleod_feed.

Who's Dave MacLeod? This is Dave MacLeod. He's not only one of the UK's top climbers in multiple forms of climbing, he's got a master's degree in sports science and his blog is full of interesting thoughts about training and technique.

Anyone know of more climbing-related feeds on DW? Or blogs that need to have feeds created?


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