Nov. 1st, 2013 12:06 pm
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Hi all! I've been meaning to make an intro post for about the last 2 weeks, but time got away from me. Anyhow, I recently completed a beginner rock climbing class at a local gym here in Chicago. (It was 3 sessions of about 2 hours each.) They have an outdoor wall & I had been passing by on the street for years, thinking how fun it looked. Can't believe how long it took me to finally check it out, but I'm glad I did.
One of the instructors told us when we finished the class, that if we want to continue with climbing, the important thing is to not let a bunch of time go by before we get back in there. Otherwise we'll forget stuff & it'll feel weird. So last weekend I went back & climbed again. I also ended up buying a pass for 10 visits and have been encouraging the others from my class to join me.
Realistically I don't think I'll be doing this more than once a week, since I'm currently training 5 days a week (strength and conditioning, Crossfit-style stuff). But I definitely want to keep on climbing & get better at it. I'm stoked to have found a new fun thing, and also excited to learn from you more experienced folks! Any words of wisdom and/or advice for the n00b would be much appreciated :)
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I'm a fat girl who loves the idea of climbing, and I don't mind that my weight will make it hard for me to do anything fancy.  I'm happy with just using my body in a new way. The likelihood that I will ever not be fat again is minimal so I'm not going to wait to do something cool.

Fat people are often quite strong, especially those who do keep fit in conventional ways. We can handle our own body weight and set our own limits just fine, but there may be equipment considerations I don't know about because this is new to me.  Bouldering, anything low-level, would be great for me, though I'm sure others would like to go up-up-up. I'm looking for advice on getting started (anecdotes, links, books, how to approach a gym, whatever) for people in my situation. 


Apr. 27th, 2011 10:57 pm
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Hey! Mostly this is just an introduction of myself. I only recently got interested in climbing, but it looks like a lot of fun. I'm an ex-gymnast who's spent approximately a decade finishing up puberty, sitting on her duff, and also dealing with some mild/moderate mobility impairment/joint pain disability. So climbing is sort of fascinating to me, since it seems to accommodate my various WTF issues fairly well!

But, intro aside, I did also write up a rather, um, blathering account of my first climbing experience, should anyone be interested in that. :D

At some point, I may also try to write up an actual list of the variations of conditioning exercises that don't require equipment that I know from my years of yore as a gymnast. I sense that I desperately need to work on my arms and core strength! My core is woooooefully out of shape.
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...introduce myself, since I've started commenting. If this isn't an appropriate use of the comm, I apologize.

Hi, all! I'm George.

By rights, I probably should have been climbing all my life--my dad used to TA the University of Washington's summer extension mountain climbing courses in the '60s before he got drafted, but he didn't climb much after he got married, and by the time I came around and was big enough to go, time and money constraints were preventing him from climbing, let alone from outfitting the kids to go. But I've always known that climbing was something I'd eventually do for myself. Unfortunately, it took me until my fortieth birthday loomed on the horizon to actually go and do something about it.

I've been climbing for about a year now (I will leave calculation of my current age to the advanced students; please DO NOT show your work), and I'm at the point of trying 5.10s. I am very much a throw-myself-at-the-wall, brute-force climber right now; I wouldn't know technique if it climbed circles around me on the way up. I suspect I'm approaching the point where I'll have no choice but to start thinking about what I'm doing, and I expect a lot of skinned knees and elbows from resisting that transition to the very last possible second. :)

For my day job, I've been in software development and test for nigh on twenty years; I've been married for fifteen years and have a nine-year-old (almost) son, whom I do take climbing once a month or so. Among my other hobbies, I am most serious about my photography; my climbing icon (above) is a picture I ganked off the Internet of Galen Rowell, who was already a world-class climber when he started his world-class photography career. (To the extent that an old, decrepit cynic can believably claim to have a hero, Galen Rowell is mine.)

My current job is coming to an end next month; I'm thinking I'll be climbing quite a bit this summer--I'm fortunate to have known this was coming and to save up for some downtime.
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It occurred to me in conversation elsewhere that I am sadly lacking a climbing icon. Can anyone suggest where I might find something suitable? While I'm here I'll introduce myself briefly -- I'm a fairly new climber (first time I went anywhere near a climbing wall was last September), based in London, & currently at about 4C with both top-roping and bouldering. With occasional excursions into V0/5A with greater or lesser degrees of success. I am having a huge amount of fun, anyway, which I tell myself is more important than competence :) I tend to do more bouldering atm as I can go up in the afternoons & do that on my own rather than having to make arrangements with someone else & probably go evening/weekend.


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