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I thought I'd link these buildering pics I posted in my journal a while back. My climbing guide lists this beautiful sandstone wall on the shore of the river Ruhr as a prime buildering spot. The stone has really nice grip and the holds are crimpy but quite versatile. The entire traverse is about 200 meters long, and rates about UIAA 7... it's pretty challenging and won't get boring quickly. I've climbed there only once so far and tackled only the first few meters of the traverse; I definitely want to go there again.
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(If you're ever in the area: the name of the spot is Mendener Brücke.)
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I hope to write up a proper report on my bouldering trip to the Peak District when I've recovered fully, but in the meantime, I've posted some of the photos to [community profile] common_nature. Not all climbing-related, but there's a fair dose of gritstone porn.

I don't normally take photos, but I had a tinny little mobile with me in case I broke my ankle, and ended up taking a lot of pictures on it because I thought no-one would believe how incredibly beautiful it was otherwise.


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