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I've been reading this community with envy for a while and finally decided to take the climbing plunge (hopefully not literally) this weekend.

I've tried climbing a couple of times before and loved it but for various didn't take it any further; now I have a bit of time I'd like to try indoor (and eventually outoor, although this may not be the time of year for it...) properly. I am effectively a complete beginner and wondering where to start.

I've been looking at beginners classes and I am a bit confused with the variety of introductory sessions available for indoor climbing. Some walls offer six-hour beginners sessions while some are happy with an hour-long induction session before they let you start climbing. Would you recommend doing a short induction first, or going straight for the longer sessions (given that I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it)?

Also, if anyone has experience with climbing walls in London, and recommendations which to go for and which to avoid, I'd love to hear about it!
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I'm interested in learning to climb, and based in Central London. I'm just around the corner from West One", and a friend has recommended Castle Climbing as being excellent, and woman friendly. I am considering taking the introductory course at Castle Climbing, then going to West 1. (Castle Climbing's introductory course is significantly cheaper, but it is also a slog over there, while West 1 is two minutes away). Would this be considered rude? And are there other gyms which members would recommend? Has anyone heard anything about either gym?

Thank you.
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I'm a fat girl who loves the idea of climbing, and I don't mind that my weight will make it hard for me to do anything fancy.  I'm happy with just using my body in a new way. The likelihood that I will ever not be fat again is minimal so I'm not going to wait to do something cool.

Fat people are often quite strong, especially those who do keep fit in conventional ways. We can handle our own body weight and set our own limits just fine, but there may be equipment considerations I don't know about because this is new to me.  Bouldering, anything low-level, would be great for me, though I'm sure others would like to go up-up-up. I'm looking for advice on getting started (anecdotes, links, books, how to approach a gym, whatever) for people in my situation. 
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This is a really daft post, but I kind of need some gentle hand-holding.

I've been indoor climbing twice, with a partner, harness & ropes. I enjoyed it a lot, and there's one particularly tricksy looking climb I want to do--there are no holds! You're climbing inside a walled-up triangular shape and have to brace your back against the wall behind you so you can 'walk' up the wall in front! My friend could not complete it when he tried! I am DYING to try it! I am a leggy person, rather than an arm person, and it reminds me an awful lot of the way I used to climb up door frames and the like when I was a kid.

BUT that's not the point of this post.

I really want to go more regularly, but the trouble is that I can't just up and go climbing when the fancy takes me because I don't always have a partner available. I would like to go right now, but there is nobody to belay for me and due to anxiety issues, I'm not up to asking total strangers.

But! The climbing gym near me has a BOULDERING CAVE. Apart from sounding awesome, this could be the answer to my problems. Except I have this little Thing about trying new things on my own in public where people can see me. I need to plan every new expedition with military precision or it's a no-go.

So, here are some stupid questions about bouldering:

1) When you go bouldering, do you just... turn up and start climbing? I'm really used to the harness and rope combination so find the thought of going without a bit intimidating.

2) I wear glasses. Am I likely to break them if I fall? If I take them off, I won't be able to see clearly enough to plan a route in advance.

3) Are you able to do it solo, or is the gym going to turn me away for being on my bill?

4) If you are comfortable doing so, please describe your first ever bouldering experience in EXCRUCIATING step-by-step detail!

5) Does anyone else want to turn their entire house into their own private rock climbing gym? Or is that just me?


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