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I thought I'd link these buildering pics I posted in my journal a while back. My climbing guide lists this beautiful sandstone wall on the shore of the river Ruhr as a prime buildering spot. The stone has really nice grip and the holds are crimpy but quite versatile. The entire traverse is about 200 meters long, and rates about UIAA 7... it's pretty challenging and won't get boring quickly. I've climbed there only once so far and tackled only the first few meters of the traverse; I definitely want to go there again.
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(If you're ever in the area: the name of the spot is Mendener BrĂ¼cke.)

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Nov. 4th, 2013 02:04 pm
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Friday is main glee day but my main climbing day is Sunday and I wanna share that I nailed a really difficult dyno last night \o/. I had tried that move a few weeks ago and barely touched upper hold, but this time I grabbed it on the fourth try.
The route has an even more difficult dyno further up. That's gonna be interesting. :)

And while I'm posting, here are two very good buildering vids I found on tumblr:
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I found a number of great urban climbing vids on vimeo and thought I'd crosspost them here:

Escalade Urbaine Ahuntsic
Fascinating boulder problem... at first glance you wouldn't even think that wall was climbable at all. There's nothing but a tall slab of smooth concrete with a single hole as a handhold in the middle and no foothold in sight.

climbing on weathered concrete in Berlin. The move that one guy is doing at the 3:00 min mark is incredible.
(There's a bit of intro in German in the beginning; the proper climbing part starts at 1:20.)

Pirmin Bertle in "Parmi les clochards" (8B) - Tuff bouldering in the most picturesque down-and-out setting ever :)
The route is fun to watch, and so's the style of the vid.
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Those melamine sponge "Magic Eraser" things do a pretty decent job removing sticky rubber scuffs from white-painted walls.

In case you were wondering.

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I may be the last person to know about this, but BBC Two is currently airing a show called Climbing Great Buildings, in which architectural historian Jonathan Foyle explores great buildings by climbing all over them, aided and abetted by top British climber Lucy Creamer.

Okay, it's mostly rope access techniques rather than free climbing, and the focus is on the architecture, but it's still charming, particularly for anyone who's caught themselves eyeing up nearby buildings.

Anyone who's in the UK or can access BBC iPlayer can catch up with the eps here:

Climbing Great Buildings


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