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Name:Disobey Gravity
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Community description:A place for climbers of all persuasions to hang out
"The best climber in the world is the one who's having the most fun." - Alex Lowe.

This is a place to hang out and talk about climbing during those unfortunate periods when you can't actually be climbing.

Long rule lists are boring, so I'll try to make this short and sweet.

1. Standard rules of keep it on topic, no flaming, no trolling, don't be a jerk, cut large images and videos, etc., etc. apply.

2. Tagging is encouraged but not required. When you tag, try to keep things reasonably general (ex. if you just got a new pair of wicked Five Ten climbing shoes, tag the post 'shoes', not 'five tens') so that we can keep the tag system from getting sprawling. If your post is something that would probably be of general interest (ex. shoe/equipment reviews, gym or climbing area reviews, nutrition or training suggestions) your friendly neighborhood mod will tag your post even if you forget. But if you save her from having to do that, she'll appreciate it. :)

3. Keep in mind that this is a newbie friendly community. This is supposed to be a laid back place for anyone who likes climbing to hang out. See the quote above? Embody that spirit. If you give people grief for asking basic questions or not being a "real climber", we will have words.

That it! Ask questions, discuss technique, ask for training suggestions, celebrate your victories, pic and vid spam us to your heart's content (behind a cut, please) and remember that gravity is for the weak.

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