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I went climbing tonight and it was AWESOME!

It's been years since I got on the wall, and I was nervous that it wouldn't be fun because of the inevitable lack of strength and skill, but it was awesome. Climbers are chill and friendly and my climbing partner was great, as was her friend. Both of them gave me good tips as I re-learned how to belay, and my epic fail at the overhang was met with 'if you're that tired, you've had a good climbing day.'

I so so so want to find a way to get back into regular climbing. I think I can work it into my overstuffed schedule on Sunday nights. I hope.
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Johnny Dawes's much-heralded, much-delayed autobiography officially exists and is already available from the British Mountaineering Council shop -- it should be hitting other shops soon.
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... well, it's open now, and I've actually been.

Two posts about it at my DW, here and here.



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