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Free to snag:

i like to climb alot icon

(For anyone baffled by the levels of geek referentiality: I mashed up xkcd's climber and Hyperbole and a Half's alot. No alots were harmed in the making of this icon.)
juliet: My rat Ash, at 6 wks old, climbing up the baby-rat-tank and peering over the edge (ash exploring)
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It occurred to me in conversation elsewhere that I am sadly lacking a climbing icon. Can anyone suggest where I might find something suitable? While I'm here I'll introduce myself briefly -- I'm a fairly new climber (first time I went anywhere near a climbing wall was last September), based in London, & currently at about 4C with both top-roping and bouldering. With occasional excursions into V0/5A with greater or lesser degrees of success. I am having a huge amount of fun, anyway, which I tell myself is more important than competence :) I tend to do more bouldering atm as I can go up in the afternoons & do that on my own rather than having to make arrangements with someone else & probably go evening/weekend.


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