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Feb. 26th, 2017 10:37 pm
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Fannish/Geeky Things/SFF

"Gerard Butler, Neal Moritz Team to Adapt Fantasy Novel 'A Darker Shade of Magic'".

"Hayao Miyazaki is officially moving forward with a new Studio Ghibli movie".

"Nebula nominations with free reads!" "Every year I have trouble finding a hyperlinked list of all the free Hugo and Nebula reading, so this time I’m going to take the initiative and make one myself right away instead of waiting."


"How to Draw an Exoplanet: A pair of illustrators turned tiny blips in data into vivid views from the TRAPPIST-1 star system".

"10+ Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Of The Year".

"Scientists Used a Little Bee Puppet to Teach Real Bees How to Play Bee ‘Soccer’". (And about 40 seconds of footage here on YouTube.)

"Cards Against Humanity co-creator sends newest board game, Secret Hitler, to all 100 U.S. senators".

"Readers' prize winning pictures of cats". [The Guardian]

"Terrorists are building drones. France is destroying them with eagles". [Washington Post] "The eagles — named d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis — grew up with their nemeses. They chased drones through green grass that summer, pecking futilely at composite shells as seen in Sky News footage. They were rewarded with meat, which they ate off the backs of the drones."

"It's very hard to maintain an anonymous Twitter account that can withstand government-level attempts to de-anonymize it". [Boing Boing]

"Google and Mozilla's message to AV and security firms: Stop trashing HTTPS: Researchers call out antivirus and security appliance vendors for dangerous SSL inspection practises".

"The Trash Heap Has Spoken: The power and danger of women who take up space". "Every day, I look for myself in other women’s bodies. This is what happens when you never see yourself in television shows or catalogues or movies—you get hungry. In passersby, I seek out a faithful replica of my own full chest: my plastic-bag stomach pooched over jeans, my milk-carton hips, and my face with its peach-pit cheekbones set in coffee grounds. In this way, I see myself in pieces, mostly, and have to assemble my body in my mind." [Content notes: discusses weight/weight loss attempts etc., but doesn't dwell on them terribly, IMO.]

"27 Bookish Goods For Cat Lovers". [Book Riot]

"When Things Go Missing: Reflections on two seasons of loss". [The New Yorker]

"12 Powerful Posters Of Female Scientists That Every Classroom Needs".

"Ikea Lab Releases Free Designs For A Garden Sphere That Feeds A Neighborhood".

"REFUGE Restrooms" is "a web application that seeks to provide safe restroom access for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals. When the Safe2Pee website passed out of functionality it left a hole in our hearts. REFUGE picks up the torch where Safe2Pee left off and makes the valuable resource available to those who find themselves in need of a place to pee safely once again. Users can search for restrooms by proximity to a search location, add new restroom listings, as well as comment and rate existing listings. We seek to create a community focused not only on finding existing safe restroom access but also looking forward and participating in restroom advocacy for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming folk."

linkspam on a sunny Sunday

Feb. 26th, 2017 03:35 pm
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I don't know about you all, but I have had the hardest time concentrating for the last few months. Funny, that. ;-)


In case you need some distraction, I cannot recommend strongly enough [profile] ursulav's Summer in Orcus, which is a simply lovely portal fantasy in which birds engage in Regency banter and you will never think well of "house-hunters" again. It's on the children/YA boundary, but with rich characterizations and sensible psychological underpinnings. Plus Vernon's brilliantly creative world-building. Run out and get it!


And now on to the linkspam:

Courtesy of Linda Holmes at PCCH: this essay on hiking the Appalachian Trail as a black woman. Just lovely. A thing I found myself repeatedly explaining to hikers who asked about my books and my experience wasn't that I feared them, but that there was no such thing as freedom from vulnerability for me anywhere in this land. That I might be tolerated in trail towns that didn't expect to see a black hiker, but I'd rarely if ever feel at ease.

I know Reddit can be a sty, but every once in a while you find something like this summary of all of the Trump-Russian issues.

Here’s a guide from Wired about US Customs and digital privacy. And another essay on the same issue.

Holy crap this is awesome.

I believe this is a church-related group working to protect immigrants.

You’ve probably already seen this link: Welcome to the America black people have always lived in.

This migrant workers’ rights group does good work.


This is some deep subtweeting: how to identify the Hunger Games districts by using federal government statistics.

Noted for later reading: an essay on the political philosophy of Winter Soldier.

This potato-leek soup looks really tasty.

Old-school X-Files folks may find this Tumblr entertaining. I have to admit that I mostly subscribed to it to see if I was ever going to get recced there (I was, eventually :D ), but it's also fun seeing both classics from old friends get name-checked, and work from relative newbies I'd never heard of. If I were much into fic these days, I'd be reading (and re-reading) a lot of this!


I've been doing a lot of baking recently. Two successes: a batch of Mexican-chocolate-and-cherry brownies, and a batch of ginger oatmeal cookies. One only moderate success: yet another attempt at macarons. These were both flat and undercooked, although they tasted fine. I'm now 0 for 4 at macarons: I may give them up and try my hand at choux pastry instead...

Happily, the rain appears to have stopped for a bit, so I may be able to get some more running in, which will be healthier than baking.

Fuuuuuuuck I had no idea

Feb. 26th, 2017 03:35 pm
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YouCaring: Help Heather Corinna Recover From Serious Spinal Damage

Heather (who founded and runs Scarleteen) is a heroine and a national fucking treasure. Please signal-boost and let's help look after her.
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I would just like to mention that a hand-cranked rotary whisk is a lovely stimmy thing to use, almost as intrinsically satisfying as a hand-cranked or foot-pedalled sewing machine (which, since I find hand-sewing so soothing, I do not own).
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Concrete things done today: I slept until I woke up without an alarm (in practice, I slept badly and not all that late), took an accidental three-hour nap in the afternoon (with weird dreams and some discomfort), watched two episodes of The Good Place (three left), and watched the two episodes it took me to catch up on The 100. Technically those things were all on last night's modest to-do list for the weekend, plus while it's too soon to know if I'll catch what [ profile] scruloose has, at least today it seems clear that he's got another cold, not flu or something. Now if it'll just be (MUCH) easier on him than the one he had recently. >.> And I still hope to not come down with it, but at least I'm not mildly freaked out by the prospect like I am by the thought of flu.

Additional small accomplishments: we cut both cats' claws (hey, I said "small accomplishments") and I put a good dent in my email inbox.

Things I did not do at all: Work. Write. Read fiction. I would've liked to read, but I suspect I would've just fallen asleep again. It's the failure to get any work done that stings, though; I probably needed the day off, but ugh.

I feel like some of the day is unaccounted for, but really I think that's just the amount of time that vanished into clearing out a bunch of links I'd favorited on Twitter, which is in keeping with the sense that my brain never quite engaged today. :/

We have a rainfall warning for tonight, and sometime in the last hour the rain started in earnest; I can hear it on the window, which is pleasant but not as lovely as hearing it on a rooftop (which our place doesn't allow for).

Hopefully it'll wash a ton of snow away. We live on a loop, and the stretch of road linking the loop to the main street beyond is still over a third full of snow, although the drain and fire hydrant are plowed out (and the path carved to them through the snow encroaching on the street is somehow more imposing to me than the snow itself). So walking to and from the bus stop involves basically walking down the middle of the road and hoping no drivers turn off the main street too fast to look and see if anyone's walking there. -_-

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Feb. 25th, 2017 11:39 am

Oh, it's so beautiful

Feb. 25th, 2017 12:57 pm
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Via [personal profile] robynbender: it seems that Milo Yiannopoulos was brought down by a 16-year-old girl who knows how to Google.

Apparently we are living in a YA dystopian novel, and I for one welcome our new teenage girl leaders.

Modest, unexciting weekend goals

Feb. 25th, 2017 01:17 am
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Goals for the weekend:


--DO NOT catch whatever illness hit [ profile] scruloose like a ton of bricks today. (Pleasepleaseplease let it just be a[nother] cold; we got flu shots, but you never know. >.<)

--Adapt as much of the final Maid-sama! volume as possible. The last ten pages or so of the first half are due this Monday [see also: kind and understanding editor!], and while the second half of the volume isn't due until the week after, a) I have a whole 'nother rewrite due that week too and b) we're still catching up at Casual Job, so AFAIK I'm working there Monday and Tuesday (at least).

(Imagine lots of sparkles and hearts around that "FINAL VOLUME", because holy crap is this series wordy. So wordy. I will not miss the horrifying amount of work it entails.)

--Catch up on The 100 (two episodes) and put as big a dent as possible into the second half of The Good Place season 1 (finishing it, ideally, but it depends somewhat on [ profile] scruloose since we're watching it together).

--Start reading A Conjuring of Light. (I finished both Final Girls and Wishful Drinking tonight.)

--Words?????? Make some???? This is a thing I can do???
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Apparently at the big Parliament Square demo on Monday, everyone pledged that they would go to Birmingham if Buttercup's state visit is there.

They were invited to do so by a speaker from Birmingham (name could not be recalled by my source but apparently very impressive), who promised that there would be a big street party.

Chocolate Box Reveals!

Feb. 23rd, 2017 09:55 am
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During nominations, I threw Gentlemen of the Road into the tagset on a whim, fully expecting nothing to come of it, and guess what? I actually got a Gentlemen of the Road story! Yay!
Aftermath of the Debacle at Tergeste by [ profile] opalmatrix
Gentlemen of the Road - Michael Chabon
Fugitives, Huddling for Warmth, Arguing, Pre-Slash, Pre-Canon
948 words, teen, no warnings apply
In which they argue about that debacle at Tergeste for the first time.

It's a lovely, grumpy, cranky, devoted bit of H/C, riffing on one of my favorite passages from the book, and it made me smile from ear-to-ear. It still does.

...and after a last-minute change of plans, I wrote:
Mr Green and the Adventure of the Ten Gallon Hat by [ profile] sanguinity
My Dearly Beloved Detective
Shirley Holmes/Jane Watson; Mr Green
Humor, Post-Canon, Fix-It
1300 words, general audiences, no warnings apply
Jane Watson runs away from the circus to become a detective again.

My Dearly Beloved Detective is a Russian film in which Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are fictional, and people keep coming to 221B in search of their help. A detective agency was installed on the premises to serve the apparent need, and the two strongest candidates for the positions were a pair of women, Shirley Holmes and Jane Watson. The film is an absurdist musical with a tragi-comic heart, and has frequent shout-outs to the Soviet-made Lenfilm series of a few years earlier. It's available on youtube with English fan-made subtitles.

There's been a lovely little explosion of works for the film over the past year (if we can call eight works an explosion, which I will), and I thought I'd try my hand at adding an absurdist, semi-comic work to the bunch. Thanks to [ profile] garonne for last minute beta and britpick!

Oh, my heart, part 2

Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:39 am
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LaunchGood: Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery

funded of $20,000 goal

(If the name behind it sounds familiar -- yes, this is the same Linda Sarsour who was one of the Women's March on Washington organizers, among other activist accomplishments.)

Reading Wednesday, 02/22/17

Feb. 22nd, 2017 11:26 pm
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What did you recently finish reading?

Brenna Yovanoff's Places No One Knows (for values of "recently" that mean "sometime...last week?"), which is light on plot but beautifully written, with characters I really enjoyed spending time with. [ profile] wildpear told me to bump it up my list, so I did, and I'm glad. ^_^

What are you currently reading?

Tonight I started Carrie Fisher's first memoir, Wishful Drinking (having accidentally first read her Shockaholic sometime last year). Very funny so far, although having between Shockaholic and the many articles I've read about her in the past while, not a lot of the broad strokes are surprising.

I needed to start something in the non-fiction vein, because I prefer not to read more than one novel/novella at a time, and...

What do you think you'll read next?

I'm itching to read Mira Grant's standalone novella Final Girls, having gotten it in a current Humble Bundle (the hard copy, which I've preordered from Subterranean and expect to take a while to get here even after the release date, doesn't drop until April, so I'm surprised and delighted that the ebook's in the bundle).

But when I went to start reading tonight, I had technical difficulties. >.< For some reason it's not showing up on Elliot (my Kobo), but also, I apparently never synced my Humble Bundle account properly on the no-longer-new phone, so it wasn't showing up there until I took care of that, and when I simply emailed the .epub to myself to try to shortcut that, I had to figure out what to do about a "screen overlay detected" error. And both of the latter were simple fixes (the "screen overlay" thing is from running the Twilight app, and pausing that takes care of the problem), but since I didn't deal with them until I'd stopped reading for the evening and came upstairs to my office, I guess I'm starting the novella tomorrow.

Other media

I haven't seen last week's episode of The 100 yet, so I guess I'll be watching two tomorrow evening. And I think I only narrowly dodged being spoiled for The Good Place on Twitter, so that was a powerful nudge in the direction of finishing season 1 with [ profile] scruloose sooner rather than later.

I'm also hoping to see The Girl With All the Gifts on Friday, but unless Cineplex has additional showtimes that they're planning to add tomorrow, the options are really limited--right now they seem to be offering one whole showing (in the whole city) per evening, and Friday is the only one that starts around 7 rather than 9 or 9:30. >.< With it being so (apparently) limited so far, I have no confidence that it'll be around for long, and besides, Logan opens in just over a week, and I want to see that ASAP.

At least TGWATG looks like it's showing in 2D, so I don't have to weigh my dislike of 3D movies against more convenient showtimes? (Yay, mixed blessings?)

Weather + work

Feb. 22nd, 2017 10:59 pm
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Enough people have mentioned in my hearing that the winter of 2014-15 didn't get really bad until February that I suppose it's probably true. (I remember the heavy snowfalls/storms starting noticeably earlier, although nothing more specific than that.) I reeeeally hope this season isn't a repeat, despite the recent "three significant snowfalls/blizzard within a week" shattering our previously-mild winter.

That said, our weather this week is pretty consistently hitting highs above freezing, which is nice, although it's not enough to clear the heaps of snow. (Which I suppose is just as well; I hate being cold, but also am in favor of at least remotely seasonal weather. Fucking climate change.)

Question: does there seem to be any sort of standard for which year to name to identify a winter (or summer, in the southern hemisphere!)? As in, when referring back to this season, will you say "winter 2016" or "winter 2017"?

It's looking like I'll probably be at the office for the whole week (tomorrow for sure), but as of today it's just normal-workday hours (9-4 in my case) while we finish up the seventeen-or-so hours (!) of audio from Tuesday. (I think we have about twelve hours left.) I've talked to my VIZ and Seven Seas editors about deadlines/current projects, and the half-volume that's due tomorrow is now getting mostly turned on time, and I'll adapt the remaining ten pages or so over the weekend. Infinite blessings on understanding editors.

I didn't sleep nearly enough Monday night, and then yesterday was a twelve-hour day followed by technically just about enough time in bed but horrible sleep, so yesterday and today were both pretty rough. (As mentioned elsewhere, in the hall outside Casual Job I ran into a woman I went to university with but have never known well, and she said, "Hey, how are y-- Oh, wow, your eyes look tired.")

oh no, i have a new obsession

Feb. 22nd, 2017 09:05 pm
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And it's knitting. Well, it's a new thing, and I already spent money on expensive yarn because I didn't know any better. Whoops.

I am enjoying it a lot, though. It's great for watching TV or movies. I like how quickly you can pick up the motions. I like making things.

Er, a lot of patterns are still intimidating right now, so I'm making a boring scarf with my expensive yarn, and maybe gift it to someone when I finish? Hopefully? I'm not even sure I have enough yarn right now to finish this scarf yet. But I'm learning things! And maybe I can raid the yarn stashes of a few of my friends at some point?

I also spent this whole weekend drowning in my Mike Richards feelings. He briefly resurfaced! He genuinely seems happy these days! I still desperately want future fic where he becomes a hotshot NHL coach and ends up on the team that Jeff Carter is GMing and they have Complicated Old People Feelings that I can eat with a spoon.

Speaking of Complicated Old People Feelings, I am getting so, so close to finishing a first draft of my X-Men fic. I think I just have one more scene left! And then I will sit down and cry from how much work this fic needs. But that's okay! Making things! I like doing it!

some notes on books and reading

Feb. 21st, 2017 02:11 pm
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There's a bookstore not too far from my house that's really good. (To me, a good bookstore is reasonably well-organized, has an eclectic mix of books, including out of print books, is large enough to get lost in, has a bunch of little rooms or quiet corners, and has staff that doesn't talk to you beyond a simple greeting unless you ask a question.) I picked up The Exile Waiting by Vonda McIntyre there, which turned out to be an excellent purchase. It's a brutal book, but ultimately a hopeful one, about a post-apocalyptic earth ("the Center") surrounded by prosperous colony worlds ("the Sphere"). All of the action takes place on Earth, and there was limited information about the Sphere, but where there's worldbuilding, it's good worldbuilding. I'm a bit sorry that McIntyre never wrote a sequel, because I think there's definitely the potential for one, though it's a perfectly good book as is.

I also bought The Outcasts of Heaven by Joan Vinge. I bounced off of Vinge's The Snow Queen, but I think this is more my type of story, so I want to give it a shot. I think I will wait a bit, though, since I like to vary genre's at least a little from one book to the next, and two 70s, female-authored SF books with post-apocalyptic overtones in a row is a bit much.

I have some Star Trek books waiting. I finally finished the Rihannsu series last week, and followed it up with Yesterday's Son. I bought Killing Time, which I have never read before, and I don't know the author, but it has such a gloriously ficcy premise that I couldn't resist. I will either love it or end up throwing it across the room, but for $4, I'm prepared to take the risk.


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