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1) I'd forgotten what spectacular bedhead I have in the mornings when my hair is really short. ^^ It's pretty epic.

2) Have I mentioned that I bought Hamilton? I picked up the CDs a couple of weeks ago. Still haven't listened to it, but hey, I'm a step closer...

3) Do all of the other Seanan McGuire fans know that Unicorn Empire is selling a limited run of "Last Dance" (Sparrow Hill Road) t-shirts and tank tops, which can be ordered until February 9?

4) Ever since the cats were small, I've been amused by how blasé they are about the vacuum cleaner. As kittens they were unnerved enough to follow it around warily; now they generally sleep through a room being vacuumed around them, or sometimes supervise.

Today that went to a whole new level, because [personal profile] scruloose has acquired a quadcopter/remote control drone (yes, we are very different sorts of geeks *g*), and tonight he tried it out in the living room (which is much too small for it, but he was just getting an initial feel for the controls). I'd say this thing is about the size of one of the cats, and it's loud, and it was flying around the room and bumbling into things.

Claudia and Jinksy both woke up, blinked, relocated to spots where they could see better (Claud atop a bookcase, Jinksy at the end of the couch nearer to the open part of the room), and watched intently for the duration. Neither of them made a sound. Neither showed any fear or real wariness; [personal profile] scruloose said he'd call them nonplussed, but that's about it.

(Side note: if you live with two long-haired cats and weren't entirely sure that you really should have vacuumed yesterday? Flying a drone around the house will tell you that yes, you really should have. So that's on the to-do list for tomorrow. O_o The copter lifted the cats' crinkle bag a good foot off the floor, so you can imagine what it did to tumbleweeds of fur that had gotten under furniture.)
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Fandom/Geeky Things

At Panels, [ profile] incitata posted "Licensing Limbo: The Fear of Every Manga Fan".

Also at Panels, "Faith Is Breaking the Rules for Fat Girls". "When I turned a page to find Faith on the couch, in shorts, eating, I was blown away. This was a picture of me. A real fat girl living a real, normal life. But “Good” fat women don’t wear shorts where people can see them, and they are very careful about what they eat in front of others. The rules make these activities a secret. Clothing made for fat women (all of it, until relatively recently) is big, loose, billowy – curtains meant to help everyone forget there is a body underneath. Reminding people about fat bodies is against the rules."

"Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston 50th anniversary storyboards appear". [Den of Geek]

"Meet Chloe Bruce, Daisy Ridley’s Totally Rad Stunt Double for The Force Awakens". [The Mary Sue]


Ko-Fi is "A 'Buy Me a Coffee' Button for Your Site, Blog or Profile". A couple of people I know on Twitter just started using this, and it seems like a neat idea.

Via [ profile] alexseanchai, "a helpful pain scale for people who have difficulty with doing body inventory or quantifying pain".

"Ask Polly: Why Did My Dream Man Dump Me?" I saw this going around Twitter with "This is the kindest, most compassionate response to chill girl bullshit that I have ever seen."

"Meet the death doulas: the women who stay by your side to the end".

Via [ profile] sovay, "Drowned world: welcome to Europe’s first undersea sculpture museum".

"Airplane Food In Economy Vs. First Class On 20 Airlines". [Buzzfeed]

"The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies: The horror-movie trope owes its heritage to Haitian slaves, who imagined being imprisoned in their bodies forever.". [The Atlantic] [October 2015]

"Unicorn Bedroom Slippers That Light Up When You Walk".

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Feb. 5th, 2016 04:35 pm
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Died on this day in 1605 aged 53 Edward Stafford (my toy,wikipedia). Step-son of Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne, wife of Henry VIII. Edward was an MP and was sent to France as a diplomat. He was a *very bad* diplomat and took money from both the French and the Spanish to pass on information to them and to not pass on information he should have been to England. His wife was called Robertsa which is not a name I was previously aware of.

Born on this day in 1999 to Daniel Chatto and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, Arthur Chatto (my toy,wikipedia). Great-grandson of George VI. Today is Arthur's 17th birthday, happy birthday Arthur. Presumably he is still attending Westminster Cathedral choir school, he is currently 23rd in line to the throne, which might be the closest anyone called Arthur has been in a while.

fic rec: Zinc Man (The Americans)

Feb. 5th, 2016 11:58 am
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Zinc Man, by Selena

Tags: Case Fic, Afghanistan, set mid-s3

Characters: Elizabeth Jennings, Philip Jennings, Arkady Ivanovich, Gabriel, Oleg Igorevich Burov, Yuri Victorovich Silfigarow (OC)

Summary: Elizabeth and Philip are charged with tracking down a young soldier from Afghanistan who has gone rogue. But what will they find? (6007 words)

This is the same level of honest writing and authentic feel that I’ve come to expect from the show itself. Really, this could have easily been an episode.

I recommend this fic even if you have never watchted The Americans. The story stands on its own, it’s like a mini-episode. (Does contain a significant s2 spoiler, though.)
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1) Even though I've been watching Elementary significantly longer than The 100, I'm now so much more aware of Thursday being The 100 night (thanks to Twitter) that I keep being vaguely startled to see that oh, yes, there's something else I'll want to catch up on too.

2) I got my hair cut yesterday! Basically I went to my stylist and said, "You know I'm not going to style my hair in the slightest or come back in a timely manner, so I would like a forgiving wash-and-wear pixie cut, with or without bangs, as you please." The other time I had a pixie cut, in 2012 (IIRC), it had bangs, but the bangs I have now are much longer and more sideswept. I think they look neat, but I'm already clipping them (although justifying that a bit in the name of helping my hair get used to the notion of parting on the side, not the middle), so next time I'll ask her to cut them a lot shorter. While I was there we chatted about all kinds of things, and I told her I'm leaning strongly towards growing my (now-badly-faded, of course) red dye out so I can get her to put oil slick colors in. ^_^ She seemed very pleased. (She's so great.)

3) Tonight's plan for going to the ramen place from Sunday night again, this time with [ profile] wildpear and Pumpkin, was set aside for plan B (order Chinese at their place), because poor [ profile] wildpear is still feeling pretty lousy. ;_; Whatever cold strain is going around is a nasty one. Kas had it, Ginny's still getting over it, and [ profile] scruloose is still sick too (he managed to go to work in the afternoons yesterday and today, and is hoping tomorrow will be a full day).

So far I'm still healthy. *fingers crossed* And hopefully sometime soon we can get back to the ramen place and I can have oyakodon (and Pumpkin can have gyoza, now that I've vouched for their tastiness).

4) We have a rainfall warning for tomorrow. Happy February? But I'll take it over last winter's ridiculous amounts of snow.

5) I have a [ profile] trope_bingo card (drawn from the main list, the kink list, and the AU list). We'll see how this one goes. (I didn't write a single fill for the last one. >.>) A notion I've been rolling around in my head for a while could be fun for "metafiction"...if it applies. I'll have to give that some thought.

card under the cut )

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Feb. 4th, 2016 04:25 pm
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Died on this day in 2002 aged 94 Sigvard , Count of Wisborg (my toy,wikipedia). Great-grand-son of Queen Victoria. Sigvard was born a Prince but lost his royal titles when he married a commoner. He worked as an industrial designer and at the time of his death was the longest-lived male descendant of Queen Victoria (his younger brother lived longer though, so he isn't anymore).

Born on this day in 1337 to Peter Bourbon I, Duke of Bourbon and Isabella of Valois, Louis II, Duke of Bourbon (my toy,wikipedia). Gread-grand-son of Philip, father of Margaret, wife of Edward I. Louis had a similar mental illness to Charles VI of France, and probably it's a hereditary condition. He launched an unsuccessful crusade against Tunisian pirates.

agent carter

Feb. 4th, 2016 10:15 am
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One thing that I like about Tumblr is the ability to search the entire site for a particular tag. I catch up on Agent Carter the day after, and then I have to go back and try to remember all of the people who wrote reaction posts before I got a chance to see it. Has anyone created an Agent Carter bulletin board yet? I searched, but couldn't find one.

Agent Carter 2x04 )
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It's been a hell of a week (moved Dad into memory care, sigh), but the worst appears to be over, so I can maybe post.

Currently reading: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, for book club. Which I am kinda liking and kinda not. It does hit one of my major squicks, but the writing is very good and the characters engaging, so. I guess we'll see.

Recently finished: Oathbound by Melissa Scott, which is the latest of the Order of the Air novels. I'm finally adjusting to the slow pacing as they very slowly run up to WWII. This one is set in Egypt & Ethiopia in about 1936, when the Italians invade Ethiopia. It's actually a nice counterpoint to Elizabeth Wein's Black Dove, White Raven, which is also about pilots in Ethiopia as the Italian invasion begins.

Up next: probably Lindsay Davis' Master & God, which I just got from the library.


In other news, [personal profile] nestra linked me to this tonight, which is making me go O.O, or some such thing. OTOH, I could post my Firefly/Farscape crossover.... :-D

Tucson micro-vacation

Feb. 3rd, 2016 06:32 pm
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We went down to Tucson late last week, as my husband's company was holding board meetings on Thursday and Friday at the fancy Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. The plan was for me to work from the hotel room during his meetings, and then we would have a micro-vacation over the weekend.

On Thursday I got miserably sick (maybe the delicious food at the fancy resort restaurant had issues? It tasted good, anyway!) but by Saturday I was ready to vacation. We drove our rental car (a Ford C-Max hybrid, which we both liked very much!) to Kartchner Caverns State Park and took a tour of the Big Room. These caves were kept secret after their discovery in the 1970s, so when they were finally developed after the land was purchased for a state park, the formations were in nearly pristine condition, unlike most tourist caves (even in National Parks!) where casual use over the years has destroyed a lot of the delicate ecology. Development was undertaken with extreme caution, so that now the caves remain in exceptional condition; we've taken quite a few cave tours over the years and were very impressed! No photos allowed, but the website has a video tour.

Afterward we went to the Pima Air and Space Museum which is the largest privately-funded aerospace museum, with over 300 aircraft of various vintages. We took the (free with admission) "Highlights of Aviation" and "World War II" walking tours, and lucked out with an amazing docent, Don McLean (no kidding!) who told us many more stories than were on the placards in front of the planes.

Sunday (all of it) was spent hiking the Ventana Canyon trail to The Window, 6.4 miles and 4260 feet each way. Britt had gone to school at the University of Arizona here many years ago and had fond memories of this hike - I figured it must be good if he still remembered it after 40 years. It was pretty cool: we started out in Sonoran desert, with saguaros all around, and by the end - a natural arch in the rock - we were hiking through the snow among pines!


We should have got going earlier than our 9 am start, though, as we ended up hiking out the last half hour in the dark. Still, it was a great hike, and I definitely felt it the next day. The best of our crappy cellphone photos are on Flickr: Ventana Canyon.

Reading Wednesday

Feb. 3rd, 2016 04:11 pm
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Read: Sharing Knife #4. I read this one just as quickly as the others, which clearly means I found it an enjoyable read; but I find the ending rather disappointing.

Reading: The Tropic of Serpents; Memoirs of Lady Trent #2 by Marie Brennan. I liked the first one so obviously I bought the sequels... so far, so good.

To Read: I got Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen which is the latest in the Vorkosigan Series. Amazon didn't want to sell me the ebook, sucks to be Amazon, so I bought it direct from the publish (Baen) who are very good at selling ebooks directly to everyone.

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Feb. 3rd, 2016 04:00 pm
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Died on this day in 994 aged 57 William IV, Duke of Aquitaine (my toy,wikipedia). Great-great-grand-father of Henry; husband of Matilda who was never Queen. William became Duke when his father retired to a monastery, later he retired to a monastery himself leaving his wife to rule as regent for their young son. In between he went to war with the King of France, and was a terrible husband.

Born on this day in 1266 Richard FitzAlan , 8th Earl of Arundel (my toy,wikipedia). Great-great-grand-father of Mary; wife of Henry IV. Richard was the feudal lord of Oswestry in the Welsh Marches, and was involved in wars in Wales, and also in Scotland.
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"To What Do We Owe This Pleasure: On the Value of Not Writing".

"Some thoughts on the portrayal of Chinese culture in literature".

Gillian Polack on "Discovering what characters eat".

Social Justice

"Why speaking up about mental illness is a privilege".

Via several people, "Sick Woman Theory: Johanna Hedva lives with chronic illness and her Sick Woman Theory is for those who were never meant to survive but did".

"To Catch a Rapist: A special-victims unit fights the hidden epidemic of sexual assault that is disturbingly difficult to investigate.". [NY Times] (So many, many content warnings.)

"The bizarre history of bathrooms getting in the way of equal rights". []

"Catcalling Or Fatcalling? Both Suck, But Why Do We Only Talk About One?"

"Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language: As Oxford Dictionaries comes under fire for sexist definitions, the history of terms that refer to women shows how deep negative attitudes go". [The Guardian] The denigration of half of the population has embedded itself in the language in ways you may not even be aware of. Often this takes the form of “pejoration”: when the meaning of the word “gets worse” over time. Linguists have long observed that words referring to women undergo this process more often than those referring to men. Here are eight examples.

Cute Stuff

Via [ profile] jimhines, "Just 27 Surprisingly Funny Tweets About Cats". [Buzzfeed]

"The Cutest 4-Year-Old In Japan And Her Adorable Adventures".


"9 Locations in Toyama So Beautiful You Won’t Believe They Exist on Earth".

A text-based cat-petting simulator.

On RocketNews24:

--"Censored cosplay tights: A new concept in keeping your undies hidden at anime conventions".

--"How do you take your kitty? Cute art series brings coffee drinks to life as adorable felines".

--"Forget dog-earing and bookmarks that fall, make your own easy origami bookmark instead!"

Adventures In Blood Donation

Feb. 2nd, 2016 03:05 pm
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...were not actually all that adventurous. I went in, I answered the usual questions, I winced at the finger stick, I gave blood. The only odd part was that, for the first time ever, the phlebotomist had trouble finding a vein. Lots of hmmming, having me squeeze the ball harder, poking around, a little fishing with a needle, and then finally calling over a senior phlebotomist to actually get the needle into my vein. ("You were really close," he said encouragingly to her, after getting it to work. "Right next to it!")

Reader, I put a lot of effort into not making the D: faces that I was thinking, at that.

But, hey! Free cookies! Free Gatorade, which came in a can. (I have never seen gatorade in a can before, but there you have it. I had it.) And I feel all virtuous about it. I am a universal donor, and I have donated universally, or something like that. Now I'm back home, avoiding useful chores and poking away at fanfic, because apparently that's where my brain is right now. German class and fanfic.

In unrelated news, I have heard back from two of five graduate schools about my application, and got accepted to those two. Which is very exciting! But until I hear back from the other three, I have less to say about it than about blood donation. When I have an actual decision made, then it'll be Very Big News indeed.

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Feb. 2nd, 2016 04:32 pm
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Died on this day in 1550 aged 60 Francis Bryan (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of Elizabeth, who was by a different husband grandmother of both Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn, wives of Henry VIII. Francis was not very well behaved and was known as "the vicar of hell", however he managed to remain in the King's good books by always changing his opinions to agree with the King.

Born on this day in 1286 to Joan of Lusignan, Joan de Geneville , 2nd Baroness Geneville (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Edmund, who married Elizabeth, grand-mother (by a different husband) of Mary, wife of Henry IV. Joan was one of the wealthiest heiresses around when she married Roger Mortimer. Joan was not an active participant in Mortimer's rebellion against the King, but she was imprisoned by the King to punish him for rebelling (how unfair!).

Linkspam: fandom/geeky, unsorted

Feb. 1st, 2016 10:49 pm
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Fandom/Geeky Things

"Remastering 'The X-Files' in HD, Q&A with Jim Hardy CEO of Illuminate". (I've only skimmed this, but am reblogging in case it's of interest.)

[ profile] spikedluv posted some Matt Bomer picspam, for those whose days would be improved by such a thing. ^_-

"My Love Letter to Fanfiction: Or, how fanfiction is the turducken of literature and a lot more important to (some) WOC than you probably think". [February 2015]

"Why I’ll Never Be a Witch in Harry Potter’s World: Language, Politics, and the Elitism of a Magical Education".


Via [ profile] calvinahobbes, "The Mother of All Questions". I'll blatantly quote [ profile] calvinahobbes here: "Although the piece is ostensibly about being childfree by choice, I really vibed to the author's discussion of happiness and creativity."

"This 'Up' Coffee Table Looks Like It’s Floating on Balloons".

"This Video Of Vin Diesel Selling Toy Sharks Before He Was Famous Is Pure Gold".

Via [ profile] muccamukk, the WPA's Federal Writers' Project's "New York city guide; a comprehensive guide to the five boroughs of the metropolis: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Richmond", published 1939.

Also via [ profile] muccamukk, "Even Turtles Need “Me Time”: Ecotourism is only truly eco-friendly if it takes animals’ schedules into account" and "Sea Turtles Won’t Stay Where You Put Them: Don’t count on translocation to save ailing sea turtle populations".

"Images of and Garments for “Plus-Size” Women, Across Four Centuries". "An exhibition currently at New York University’s 80WSE Gallery asks visitors to consider ideas of female beauty in relation to the sartorial, as depicted in images from the 18th century onward. Beyond Measure: Fashion and the Plus-Size*, organized by students in NYU Steinhardt’s MA Costume Studies program, explores attitudes toward women as reflected in fashion over the past four centuries through material including paintings, clothing, and videos."

"A feast for the eyes — Sailor Moon Art Exhibit is coming to Tokyo this April".

"Japanese Street Fashion - 10 Things You Need To Know in 2016".

"Cat Funerals in the Victorian Era".

"14 Fun Facts About Parrots".

"21 People Share Something Someone Said That Forever Changed Their Way Of Thinking".

"Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified". [Harvard Business Review]

"Bailey Henderson Sculpts Mythological Sea Monsters from Medieval Maps".

Via [ profile] siderea, "How to Win at Monopoly and Lose All Your Friends".

Strange but productive day

Feb. 1st, 2016 04:44 pm
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It's shaping up to be an unusually warm week--it's 6°C right now, and the forecast highs are all above freezing until the weekend (10°C on Thursday! Although the odds of that not changing are slim). When we were out running errands this afternoon I didn't feel cold at all in a fleece hoodie and a raincoat--liberating to leave the winter coat at home! But now that I'm home I find myself shivering in my office, which was happening even when I still had a mug of tea. :/

Erranding happened because [ profile] scruloose woke up with a sore throat and called in, in hopes of extra sleep and a quiet day being enough to help fend off whatever cold is trying to settle in. Since I just discovered yesterday that the place I usually got to get blood collection done when I need tests is now open into the evening, we'd been planning to go tonight, but he decided he felt up to driving me this afternoon so we could get that over with.

Things spiraled a little, so on top of that, we wound up swinging by the library (picked up Ms. Marvel vol. 4 ^_^), depositing a freelance cheque that's been sitting in my wallet (I prefer to go to tellers to get the exchange rate printed out immediately for my tax records, so sometimes it takes me a while to get that done), and...making one stop to buy a few things. And while the blood draw and the library and the bank were all quick, the shopping stop took longer than we expected, between remembering other things we needed/wanted in the store and then being in line for ages, and GAH, so many people, plus a recording playing while we were in line, and all in all I got overwhelemed. My cope levels were firmly down around zero by the time we got home, although tea and sitting quietly in my office and catching up online has helped some. o_o

Now the only reason I have to leave the house for the rest of the week (not counting fun things, like going for supper with [ profile] wildpear and Pumpkin) should be getting my hair cut on Wednesday. *fingers crossed* So today's frazzle should be worth it! But I'm calling it a day on the work front.


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