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Oct. 9th, 2015 12:48 pm
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A few links I haven't read closely

I still haven't heard Hamilton, so I haven't done more than glance at this, but [ profile] naye has put together a good-looking dedicated linkspam post.

And [ profile] rydra_wong has a primer post of Hamilton links for those who don't know a whole lot about it. (Useful for people who keep seeing it mentioned and don't know what's up, and for people like me who know the gist but haven't delved yet.)

[ profile] owlmoose posted "Agents of Skye" on the ending of Agents of SHIELD season 2 and the very beginning of season 3. (I haven't read this for the simple reason that I still haven't seen AoS past the series pilot.) Text above the spoiler cut includes: "But I was also frustrated because, in an extended Marvel universe with so many opportunities for diversity, they were chosing to make yet another media property centering around a middle-aged white guy. It wasn't surprising, I suppose, but it still disappointed me.

Except not really, because on rewatch, it becomes clear that Coulson wasn't the true focus of the show after all. The first two seasons of AoS tell the superhero origin of Daisy Johnson (aka Skye aka Quake), and almost everything that happens to Coulson in Season 1, and many other major plot points along the way, are in service of her story."

Fandom/Geeky Things

At Book Riot: "Announcing THE HEART GOES LAST Atwood Fan Fiction Contest".


"Vintage photos of female starlets and musical icons chilling with their turntables".

"Dream-Like Autumn Forests By Czech Photographer Janek Sedlář".

"29 spectacular photos of the Aurora Borealis over the UK and Ireland".

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Oct. 9th, 2015 03:58 pm
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Died on this day in 1937 aged 68 Grand Duke Ernest of Hesse and by Rhine (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of Queen Victoria. Ernest married his first cousin Victoria Melita, but the marriage was not happy. Queen Victoria did not want them to divorce, but after her death they did (an actual divorce, on the grounds of mutual antipathy, not an annulment). As Grand Duke of Hesse Ernest served in the German military during WW1.

Born on this day in 1735 to Charles Guelph I, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel and Princess Philippine of Prussia, Charles Brenswick-Bevern , Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (my toy,wikipedia). Father of Caroline who married George IV. Fought on the Prussian side in the seven years war, and was made a Prussian general. He then invaded the Netherlands successfully putting down a revolution and restoring the house of Orange, he was rather less successful fighting Napoleon.

Hamilton PSA

Oct. 9th, 2015 09:19 am
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Since so many people seem to be falling:

[community profile] hamiltunes, for all your DW Hamilton needs

[ profile] lemonyandbeatrice: an “all of my social media is talking about Hamilton and I’m lost” masterpost

Concise summary courtesy of [personal profile] vass, QWP:

For those who don't already know: musical about the life and death of one of the US founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, here characterised as a brilliant, scrappy, orphaned immigrant with a near-deathwish and a desperate drive to succeed. The composer/lyricist is also the star, and he and the cast are all people of colour except King George III of England, who is white (and hilarious.) The musical style is mostly hiphop, but not all, with many, many references to other musicals and other hiphop/rap works. The lyrics are strong and smart and interconnected, and develop over the course of the show in an incredibly satisfying way. The female characters do not talk to each other about something other than a man, but they do discuss their wishes and options are in life, and their legacy, and clearly have relationships with each other extending beyond their relationships with men -- Eliza and Angelica's relationship as sisters is really strong and wonderful.

("We hold these truths to be self-evident/that all men are created equal/ And when I meet Thomas Jefferson/ I'ma compel him to include women in the sequel" is technically a Bechdel fail. NONETHELESS.)

Complete cast recording on Spotify

The Toast is all over this

Basically, this is a delight. And Lin-Manuel Miranda ([ profile] linmanuel, [ profile] Lin_Manuel, THERE IS NO FOURTH WALL HE CAN SEE US) seems to be a beautiful cinnamon roll, etc. etc., not to mention the kind of gigantic nerd who picks up an 800-page biography as light beach reading.

Spike Lee said of Hamilton that "Game recognize game"; I would like to suggest the complementary "Fannish recognize fannish".

This is a deeply, deeply fannish show, earnestly impassioned about intricate details of 18th-century American politics and about hip-hop and about musicals (you can hear in the soundtrack the moments when the score dictates *jazz hands* or dancers throwing themselves across the stage on their knees). It is intensely meta and referential, frequently funny but never "ironically" distanced. It is built on love.

Recommended even to those of us who start from a position of "... is he one of those dudes with his face on a mountain or something? I DON'T KNOW, WHY DO YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW ALL THE DETAILS OF YOUR 18TH-CENTURY POLITICIANS WE'RE NOT ALL IN THE USA YOU KNOW." This is good stuff.

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Oct. 8th, 2015 04:14 pm
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Died on this day in 1436 aged 35 Jacqueline of Bavaria (my toy,wikipedia). Wife (probably) of Humphrey, son of Henry IV (it's a "probably" because she couldn't marry him until her previous marriage was annulled, and maybe it wasn't).

Born on this day in 1515 to Archibald Douglas and Margaret Tudor, Lady Margaret Douglas (my toy,wikipedia). Half sister of James V of Scotland who was the grandfather of James VI & I. Margaret was brought up at the English court, and was a lady in waiting of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Parr; she was twice arrested for planning to marry without the King's permission.
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So, we are now to work as one great big happy team of devs (and one unhappy release note writer, because all release note writing is a fight to the death against the developers and their allergy to actually writing anything down).

I am cool with this, except for the bit where we work in Agile, and Agile has scrums and scrums are meant to be super-quick stand-up meetings where everyone in the team summarizes their accomplishments of yesterday and hopes for the accomplishments of today and Tech Lead Two makes grumpy interjections about people writing dirty hacks and I type frantically while shouting at people to speak up and stop using acronyms because we can't have a scrum report composed entirely of "mublemumbleACRONYMmumble???!!!".

And this is a perfectly sound idea, and it works very well, apart from the bit where it's designed to work with ten people, maximum, and we will now have forty.

Did you see USA vs South Africa last night? I am the USA. I am about to be crushed by Springboks.

Wednesday reading

Oct. 7th, 2015 09:13 pm
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Just finished: erm. I can't remem--oh, wait. The last thing I actually finished was Fran Wilde's Updraft. Unfortunately, it was in the midst of the epic walking tour of northern England (about which more anon), and I read it in bits and pieces before falling asleep far too early, and as a result I didn't get to appreciate it fully. That said, it had interesting characters and some truly brilliant worldbuilding: I really really want to know what the hell that's all about. Cities built into living bone towers ever-climbing into the sky above the clouds, and everyone gets around on hang-gliders made of spider-silk and sinew. I do recommend it if you want a coming-of-age novel with a fierce and pragmatic heroine in a weirdly intriguing fantasy setting.

Currently reading: Well, I'm reading Alternity, this ridiculously epic Harry Potter AU/RPG, which hits my sweet spot in several ways. Outsider POV! Dark!AU! Epistolary narrative! On the down side, it's ENORMOUS and is taking forever to read. It's kept me up past my bedtime multiple nights in the last week. It's also formatted as dozens of separate huge PDF files, so the only way I can read it is on my laptop, and that's annoying. Still, it's fascinating, even if I do skim past most of the stuff involving Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. (But who knew you could make me care about Pansy Parkinson so much?)

Up next: Evelina by Fanny Burney, on [personal profile] heresluck's recommendation. For book club.


The new (old) job continues apace. My Nemesis managed to throw her boss under the bus this morning; I rather hope that will come back to bite her, but given how long she's managed to avoid accountability for her myriad crimes, I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, I'm being moved twice in the next four months, to make room for some contract staff. The end result, however, will be that I get my old cubicle back, with the floor-to-ceiling windows looking west over the bay. (YAY.)

I get to travel to rainier climes next week! [personal profile] sara, I may let you know how my schedule looks as things firm up, in case I'm in your neck of the woods. I may need to talk anyway, given one of the issues to be discussed with the people I am going to meet...

Reading Wednesday

Oct. 7th, 2015 05:01 pm
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Read: The Dark Forest. Cixin Liu

Sequel to Three Body. New translator (I can't tell, but you might be able to). I liked this, I thought it was a good sequel, which raises some interesting questions. The Trisolaran tech/science remains firmly in the "magic" category; I continue to assume that the "this style looks like it should be hard SF" is my cultural background speaking, having not read any other Chinese SF to know how this stands in that context.

I started reading Star Wars: Aftermath because Chuck Wendig wrote it and I heard that it was TERRIBLE and had GAY PEOPLE in it... which was obviously rather more of a recomendation than the annoying people thought it would be ;-p

But then Ancillary Mercy came out, so now I'm reading that. So far so excellent.

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Oct. 7th, 2015 04:51 pm
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Died on this day in 1368 aged 29 Lionel of Antwerp Plantagenet , 1st Duke of Clarence (my toy,wikipedia). Son of Edward III. Lionel had a daughter who was an ancestor of Richard, Duke of York who claimed to be King; it is through this relationship that the Yorks claimed a greater right to the throne than the Lancastrians, not through their descent from Edmund of Langley who was a younger son...

Born on this day in 1870 to Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse and by Rhine and Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, Prince Friedrick of Hesse and by Rhine (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of Queen Victoria; one of several of Victoria's descendants to have haemophilia, Friedrick tragically died aged only 2.
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Here's one of the very first videos ever posted by Foster Dad John, who fosters the many, many kittens who pass through The Critter Room: "Kitten is hypnotized by ear scritches". [51 seconds]

"Orphaned Raccoon Rescued By Family With Dogs Thinks She’s A Dog, Too".

Via [ profile] telophase, a picture of ducklings in paper dresses.

"[Animal] Babies Separated From Their Moms Are Reunited". [video, just over one minute]

Via [ profile] jimhines:

--Adorable photos of puppies in sweaters.

--"22+ Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos Taken At The Right Meowment". [Boredpanda]

Social Justice

"5 Baffling Lies Society Told You About Fat People". []

At Everyday Feminism:

--"9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible".

--"5 Radical Ways People Do Non-Monogamy That You Need to Know About".

--I may have linked this before, but in case not: "These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy’s Perspective Really Prove the Point".

--"Debunking the ‘Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps’ Myth".

--"7 Lies ‘Nice Guys’ Will Tell You (And Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them)".


"PREMIERE: Listen to 'Amphibiava' from Tori Amos's Musical 'The Light Princess'". (Includes an interview with Tori about putting the recording together.)

Late last week this comic about shelter cats from BREAKING CAT NEWS made the rounds, and it's heartbreaking but well worth reading.

"Meticulously Elegant Tattoos Created with Thousands of Intricate Dots".

Via Facebook:

--"Glass Portraits Are Sliced Incredibly Like a Loaf of Bread".

--"Interracial Couples Share The Insults They’ve Experienced In Insightful Photo Series".

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Oct. 6th, 2015 04:52 pm
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Died on this day in 1349 aged 37 Queen Joan II of Navarre (my toy,wikipedia). Grandmother of Joan, who married Henry IV. Joan (this one, not the grand-daughter) would have been Queen of France as well as Navarre (her father was) but the Estates General decided that Queens Regnant were NOT ON; also there was some concern over whether she was really her father's child.

Born on this day in 1476 to George York , 1st Duke of Clarence and Isabel Neville, Richard of York (my toy,wikipedia). Died very young, but the only person I have who was born today. Sorry for the depressing.

CATWS/Age of Ultron Fic: Drink Me

Oct. 5th, 2015 10:11 pm
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So there was a hydratrashmeme prompt for Bucky somehow being made to lactate while he was the Winter Soldier, and I was riffing in the comments and came up with the idea of the Red Room feeding Soldier's milk to little widows, and... yeah, this happened. For 24,000 words. To the surprise of probably no one.

Many thanks to [ profile] feanorinleatherpants for tirelessly encouraging this, as well as [ profile] rubynye and whoever has been commenting at the meme. And with a respectful bow in the direction of magdaliny's I'll build a house inside of you, which is an INFINITELY LESS WEIRD take on Bucky and Natasha having a parent-child relationship due to the Red Room, and which was still very much in my mind when I encountered that fateful prompt.

Drink Me (24272 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Natasha Romanov, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Red Room, Blanket warning for past Red Room awfulness, Mentions of Child Murder, Past non-consensual body modification, Nurturing Instincts, Cuddling & Snuggling, Male Lactation, adult nursing, Parent-Child Relationship, ish, hydratrashmeme, Possibly Still Weirder Than the Tags Make It Sound, Post-Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie)

After all this time, there were a lot of things Bucky's body remembered better than his mind did.

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We have a start date for the next round of Casual Job! I go back to the office in the second week of November, which is later than usual; I'd guess that means I'll be working for about five weeks (since the autumn chunk of work is nearly always significantly shorter than the spring one), but I'm far from confident about that. What happens, happens.

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Oct. 5th, 2015 02:26 pm
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Died on this day in 1285 aged 40 King Philip III of France (my toy,wikipedia). Father of Margaret, who married Edward I. Philip was proclaimed king whilst Crusading in Tunis, and later Crusaded against Aragon. Neither of these places are especially holy Christian sites, clearly crusading was not entirely "lets try to get Jerusalem" by this point...

Born on this day in 1658 to Alfonso Este IV, Duke of Modena and Laura Martinozzi, Mary of Modena (my toy,wikipedia). Wife of James VII and II. After their deposition from the throne of England James and Mary moved to France, where they were accepted at the French court. Mary fitted into French court life much better than James. After James' death Mary was "regent" for her young son James (the Old Pretender) until he was 16.

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Oct. 4th, 2015 11:00 am
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Died on this day in 1160 aged 20 Constance of Castile (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Margaret who married Henry the Young King. Constance was the second wife of Louis VII, his first marriage (to Eleanor of Aquitaine) had been annulled because (officially) they were second cousins twice removed, but Louis and Constance were second cousins... Just 5 weeks after Constance's death Louis married a third time, since he had no sons yet. Having sons was a big obsession with Kings.

Born on this day in 1160 to King Louis VII of France and Constance of Castile, Alys of France (my toy,wikipedia). Daughter of the above and sister to Margaret. Alys was engaged as a child to Richard who would later be Richard the Lionheart; and was sent to live in England as the ward of Henry II; Henry allegedly made her his mistress, and died before she could be married to Richard who went on to marry Berengaria whilst still officially engaged to Alys. She eventually married the Count of Ponthieu.

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Oct. 3rd, 2015 11:00 am
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Died on this day in 1431 aged 26 Thomas Beaufort , Count of Perche (my toy,wikipedia). Great-grand son of Edward III. Thomas was a commander during the 100 years war

Born on this day in 1390 to King Henry IV of England and Mary de Bohun, Humphrey Lancaster , 1st Duke of Gloucester (my toy,wikipedia). Humphrey was a more a scholar than a fighter but fought in France during the 100 years war anyway, and was wounded at Agincourt. He was Lord Protector for the infant Henry VI and later claimed the Regency (but the council didn't like that). His second wife was executed for witchcraft, which did nothing to increase his popularity.


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