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Dec. 4th, 2016 04:04 pm
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If you'd like a holiday card from me, leave a comment here with your address here. (They'll be screened.)

I have to limit this to US only as I've been on unpaid medical leave from work for 2 months.

I've got cards with penguins or floral "merry and bright". Both are generic winter holiday cards. If you have a preference let me know.

get the job done

Dec. 4th, 2016 03:09 pm
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Let's try actually using this thing more, because god knows we're all going to need each other.

As something of another chapter in the ongoing clusterfuck that is my life, I've been trying to figure out my next move. (the description of this year as a backgammon game where you always make the best possible move but the dice fucking hate you remains as apt as ever)

I will admit that there's a large part of me that is starting to run on anger and spite. Mostly in the form of if the people who voted for destroying my future can sleep easy, then I'm gonna turn around and spend my life tearing down everything they love. And, you know, in the process make the world better because fuck them.

So I've been poking around non-profits and advocacy groups for clean energy, clean water, affordable medical technologies, etc. I've got this collection of technical knowledge, and I want to feel useful. It's never been about the money, beyond "have enough to survive". But the more I think about this idea, the more I really like the idea of throwing myself into this world, even if it's taking technical papers and work and translating that into workable lay-speak. I'm stumbling around semi-blindly, since my previous experience in non-profit has been on "R&D for military applications" side of things, which...well, you can understand my hesitance in that when I don't trust the people in charge less far than I can throw them. Anyone have any ideas of where might need an engineer, that'd be great.

Bits and pieces

Dec. 3rd, 2016 08:13 pm
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*Signal-boosting with permission, this brilliant offer from [personal profile] rosefox:

I'm offering free training over Skype for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively call their elected representatives and ask them to support bills or otherwise take useful action. If you're interested, PM me. Feel free to let others know about this offer; it's available indefinitely.

*More fashion for the apocalypse: ThinkProgress's "Resist" t-shirt raises money for their "Trump investigative fund".

*[personal profile] swan_tower is starting a tikkun olam-inspired thread on the 1st of each month,on DW and on LJ at [ profile] swan_tower, where people can talk about what they're doing to help repair the world (and yes, I think it can be helpful and inspiring to see what others are doing).

*Via [personal profile] sovay: Kellogg's have pulled their advertising from Breitbart, and Breitbart are outraged, evidently because they HATE CAPITALISM AND FREEDOM and don't want large companies to be free to spend their ad budgets how they want in order to maximize their sales. Why do you HATE FREEDOM, Breitbart?

The current editor-in-chief is quoted as follows:

“Boycotting Breitbart News for presenting mainstream American ideas is an act of discrimination and intense prejudice,” he added. “If you serve Kellogg’s products to your family, you are serving up bigotry at your breakfast table.”

This is evidence that they either have no sense of irony at all, or too much of it, in that vacuous way: "we'll say they're being prejudiced and bigoted towards our prejudice and bigotry, tee hee, and then their little liberal brains will have to explode!"

Yes, I discriminate against white supremacists. Deal with it, fuckers.

(Worth dropping Kelloggs some messages of support, maybe, as they're getting the full Gamergate masses unleashed against them.)

*The Hamilton Mixtape has dropped. This is not irrelevant. We need art and we need fight music and Hamilton is and remains an inspired and tactically-brilliant claiming of the myth of America as belonging profoundly to immigrants, black and brown people.

As well as the aforementioned "Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)", notables for me at the moment include Dessa covering "Congratulations" (a song Angelica had when the show was first staged, cut when it went to Broadway -- and I can see the dramatic reasons for cutting it, but it's great and a great cover), "Wrote My Way Out" with Nas, Dave East, Aloe Blacc and one Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the demo of "Valley Forge" (part of which turned into part of "Stay Alive"), which feels spookily apposite. Congress, I beg of you, justify your existence.

WAdvent 2016

Dec. 3rd, 2016 12:36 pm
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Title: Clipped Whispers
Rating: G
Universe: ACD Canon
Character(s): John Watson, Mary Morstan
Summary: "We have received the strangest telegram, John. I think it must be intended for someone else."
Warnings/Enticements: Hiatus Angst
Word Count: 508
A.N.: For WAdvent 2016.

On AO3
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"The Doubleclicks Release 2 Amazing STEVEN UNIVERSE Covers". [I haven't investigated this, since I still haven't seen the show.]

Via [ profile] st_aurafina, "The Cast Of Criminal Minds Like You've Never Seen Before". [18 photos, slideshow]

[ profile] seasonofkink is running a Holiday Season of Kink again, in which you create a fanwork using at least three kinks from their list, with a February 14 deadline.

[ profile] fandom_stocking's sign-up post is open!

[ profile] genprompt_bingo is open for sign-ups.

"Not Without You - A Stucky Anthology" is "a printed anthology of over 300 pages of artwork, comics, and illustrated stories from over 50 contributors celebrating the relationship between Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes", and its Kickstarter will be launching January 1.

"Hugh Jackman, Fox 2000 Team for YA Best-Seller 'Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian'".

"Women of Harry Potter: Evil in Authority". []

Social Justice

"8 ‘Helpful’ Things That Don’t Really Help People With Disabilities".

"Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice: Moving from Actor → Ally → Accomplice". [Google Docs spreadsheet]

"The Year in Hyphenates". "It wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized I’d failed at whiteness. And because I’d spent my childhood working so hard at it, I had failed at Asianness, too."

A pair of posts by Anthony J. Williams ([ profile] anthoknees): "depression feels like decay in real time" and "eating is about more than survival" [tw for discussions of food, depression, and suicide]


"Can Broken Be Whole?" "These conversations, written over the month of September 2016, are an act of co-creation and inspiration—a tapestry of moments woven together to illustrate how love operates in difficult, complex, and invigorating ways in our lives. Through writing to each other we co-conspire to reveal the truths that exist within our experiences: to dismantle ableism. As we support each other to find and share our stories in an inherently ableist society we recognize that this act, in itself, is an act of love."

"The Life-Changing Magic of Mushrooms: A single dose of magic mushrooms can make people with severe anxiety and depression better for months, according to a landmark pair of new studies". (The headline doesn't indicate this, but the studies were specifically conducted with cancer patients.)

"Boston's Christmas Tree Tradition Rooted In A Canadian Thank You". [NPR] (And by "Canadian", they very specifically mean "Nova Scotian", as the tree is sent as thanks for assistance after the Halifax Explosion.)

"Reuters built an algorithm to flag and verify breaking news on Twitter".

"40 Ways To Celebrate Rocky's 40th Anniversary". [Sarah Kurchak at the Fightland Blog]

"Dragons Protecting Baubles Like Their Own Eggs Is What Your Christmas Tree Needs This Year". (The ornaments are fantastic and obviously--since I'm linking--I think you should look, but note that the Etsy store that sells them is currently sold out. There's some really neat jewelry available, though.)

"Revenge", a poem from [ profile] ecc-poetry, has been making the rounds (deservedly so), and I'm amused that when I saved it to Pinboard, Pinboard immediately suggested both "poetry" and "politics" as tags--which are exactly correct, but Pinboard tends to be pretty hit and miss about tag suggestions for me.

Political linkspam (15 links)

Dec. 2nd, 2016 01:23 am
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"The Sky Remains: A Meditation for Anxious Times".

"Last week, tears. Today, the sun". [November 16] "Last week we elected a president who believes he is the sun. And we apparently agreed with him. Whether we cheered him, mocked him, vilified him, or taunted him on Twitter, we made him the center of the entire presidential campaign — and now our universe.

Well I’m done with that. I will not allow a racist, misogynist, hate-driven man to become the shining center of my universe.

I am going to choose my own sun.

I’m a writer. I hold the power of the pen and I intend to use it. Not to attack him. No, because that makes him the sun. In fact, his name will never grace these pages."

FYI, [ profile] spikedluv is posting useful link roundups, including a fair number of news links.

Taking Action 2 links )

Essays, Op-Eds, Contemplations, "How the Hell Did We Get Here?", Personal Responses, etc. 7 links )

News 2 links )

Useful 1 link )

trope bingo complete!

Nov. 30th, 2016 03:42 pm
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Last two stories on the list:

Breaking Bread (622 words) by thedeadparrot
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Good Place (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Eleanor Shellstrop & Real Eleanor Shellstrop
Additional Tags: Cooking, Community: trope_bingo

Fake Eleanor and Real Eleanor bond in the kitchen.

all the things left unsaid (1767 words) by thedeadparrot
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: How to Get Away with Murder
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Hampton/Connor Walsh
Characters: Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Rock Band, Community: trope_bingo

"Well, something is going to break eventually," Michaela says, chin out, pushing through the awkwardness. "I'd rather it not be the band."

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"Oh Man, Logan: Wolverine’s Most Brutal Injuries". [CBR]

"Riverdale promo reveals The CW's gritty Archie series — exclusive". [EW]

"Jubilee Will Lead a New Team of Teen Mutants in the New Generation X Comic". [io9]

"Unseen HG Wells ghost story published for first time".

"Remembering Sheri S. Tepper, Eco-Feminist Sci-Fi Firebrand". [Genevieve Valentine at NPR]

Social Justice

A Storify of author [ profile] mishellbaker's tweets on "How to Make Black Friends: A tweetstorm for white folks".

"Because I Was a Girl, I Was Told ..." [New York Times] [Note: huge scrolling graphic at the top of the post]

"How White People Can Support People Of Color Now". [Buzzfeed]

"How to Stay Sane While Black".

[ profile] likhain wrote "Each angel, burning", and it's tremendously beautiful. "People who point out kindness as if it were an antithesis to anger at injustice are vastly oversimplifying both things, and in so watering them down deprive them of their strength. Because kindness, and anger at injustice, come from the same root. [...]

I’ve been told to answer hatred with love. The thing is, I do. Love isn’t a sheep to the slaughter. Love is not a coward covering her face. Love, too, is a sword. And if we’re looking, again, at readings of the Bible, at the nature of the Divine, we’ll see that angels, messengers of the Divine who exist in close proximity to that perfect radiance of love — they are hardly easy to look at. They aren’t comfortable beings to confront. They say, “do not be afraid!” — they burn. [...]

I have no time to spare for people who are only interested in furthering oppression; whose desire to learn about social justice is prompted primarily by the need to know the acceptable degree of harm they can cause; who, when taken to task for the injustice in their words, double down and explain that the readers have it wrong, it wasn’t their intent, and in any case, couldn’t you have been kinder doing it? –No. I notice that things like “keep YA kind” always seem to act only in one direction: we must be kind when we confront those who have hurt us, when we speak the truth of the marginalized to the powers in the center — but there is no kindness for those who have been hurt, who see themselves once again turned into monsters, savages, people not deserving of humanity or redemption. There is never enough kindness in the margins."

"The code I’m still ashamed of". "If you write code for a living, there’s a chance that at some point in your career, someone will ask you to code something a little deceitful – if not outright unethical.

This happened to me back in the year 2000. And it’s something I’ll never be able to forget."
[tw: reference to suicide]


"You can now download Netflix shows and movies to watch offline later". [The Daily Dot]

"An oral history of Sobeys' 'Star of Christmas' holiday commercial: As Sobeys prepares to resurrect the song, a look at the making of the 1987 ad loved across the Maritimes". [CBC]

"The Entire Internet Will Be Archived In Canada to Protect It From Trump".

"16 Photos That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Feel Better". [Buzzfeed]

"15+ Sea Slugs That Prove Aliens Already Live On Planet Earth".

"Art is not an escape — it’s our most powerful weapon against apathy". [Salon] "It is for this reason, among others, that Honoré de Balzac brought political debates among friends to a close with the admonition, “Let’s talk about more important matters,” and then ask a question about poetry, music or theater." [Includes some election talk, for those who're trying to avoid that altogether.]

"Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: It’s Okay to Mourn the Election Results and Still Want a Good Moisturizer".

"Piglets, Pink Floyd and Purple Rain: 20 Things You Never Knew About Boys For Pele".

Linkspam for storage and reference

Nov. 30th, 2016 09:53 am
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Anil Dash: Forget "Why?", it's time to get to work

Fight normalization in media. We’ll start to see the morning shows doing fluffy profiles of Melania and Ivanka almost immediately, along with “humanizing” articles and profiles of Trump following closely behind. These will be part of a concerted effort to make it seem as if Trump fits into a normal pattern of political practice in this country. We need to steadfastly, aggressively call out this threat by reminding media of his outrageous behavior and holding them accountable.

Masha Gessen: Autocracy: Rules for Survival

Rule #2: Do not be taken in by small signs of normality. Consider the financial markets this week, which, having tanked overnight, rebounded following the Clinton and Obama speeches. Confronted with political volatility, the markets become suckers for calming rhetoric from authority figures. So do people. Panic can be neutralized by falsely reassuring words about how the world as we know it has not ended. It is a fact that the world did not end on November 8 nor at any previous time in history. Yet history has seen many catastrophes, and most of them unfolded over time.

Liel Leibowitz: What to Do About Trump? The Same Thing My Grandfather Did in 1930s Vienna

The first, and most obvious, is this: Treat every poisoned word as a promise. When a bigoted blusterer tells you he intends to force members of a religious minority to register with the authorities—much like those friends and family of Siegfried’s who stayed behind were forced to do before their horizon grew darker—believe him. Don’t try to be clever. Don’t lean on political intricacies or legislative minutia or historical precedents for comfort. Don’t write it off as propaganda, or explain it away as just an empty proclamation meant simply to pave the path to power. Take the haters at their word, and assume the worst is imminent.

Robert Reich: Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media

Another person who attended the meeting said Trump “truly doesn’t seem to understand the First Amendment. He thinks we are supposed to say what he says and that’s it.”

Timothy Snyder: What you — yes, you — can do to save America from tyranny (for obvious autistic reasons, I disagree with "make eye contact and small talk", but his reasoning in terms staying in touch with your surroundings and getting to know the psychological landscape of daily life is interesting -- some of us may have to look for other routes to the same goals)

5. Be calm when the unthinkable arrives. When the terrorist attack comes, remember that all authoritarians at all times either await or plan such events in order to consolidate power. Think of the Reichstag fire. The sudden disaster that requires the end of the balance of power, the end of opposition parties, and so on, is the oldest trick in the Hitlerian book. Don't fall for it.

As of yesterday, the President-Elect has proposed removing citizenship from people who perform an act (burning the flag) which has been established in the highest courts as a legal, Constitutional act of free speech.

This is not a drill.

Super heroes!

Nov. 29th, 2016 07:34 pm
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I'm really struggling to find any sort of equilibrium after the election results from a few weeks ago and I'm struggling to find a balance between staying informed and not living in a constant anxiety spiral (because every piece of news is worse...)

Anyway, the escape I found has been Superhero tv shows and Oh My God. Supergirl is my feminist happy place in so many ways - multiple women who have different goals and approach life different and are good at different things and each choice is acceptable? (it doesn't hurt that they talk about being "stronger together" and a female president). And then, because Netflix only had the first season, I switched to The Flash which is just as awesome.

But here's what I love - besides the superhero bit - both shows have women and characters of color (multiple!) who do a variety of jobs and are people. The Flash has a gay character who is There is no "the very special gay episode" - it's just people living their lives and accepting those around them for who they are. Given the toxicity in the real world now, it's such a breath of fresh air.


Nov. 29th, 2016 08:49 pm
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The NAACP Legal Defense Fund -- described by Obama as "simply the best civil rights law firm in American history" -- have currently got someone matching a portion of donations, up to $25,000.

So if you've been thinking of donating to them, now would be an especially good time.

(And they're a 501(c)3, so donations from foreign nationals should be fine.)

They were recommended to me as top players re: voting rights and fighting voter suppression, and their Wikipedia entry is basically a list of Civil Rights Greatest Hits law cases, including Brown v. Board of Education and Loving v. Virginia (to list examples that even non-USians have heard of).

And their website (like that of many other civil rights organizations) basically says a (very polite, tasteful version) of WE ARE GETTING READY FOR WAR.
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(Based on consultation with a British lawyer and his consultations with an American colleague.)

Basically, anything that's registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit is fine.

501(c)(4) organizations are entitled to do direct political campaigning and lobbying of specific kinds, for which they are not permitted to use funds from people who are not US citizens or naturalized.

It doesn't necessarily rule out the organization accepting foreign donations, but they should have a separate "compliance account" that foreign donations go into so that they're not used for funding work that's "political"(in the strictly-defined sense here).

In practice, a lot of 501(c)(4) organizations are set up with a sibling 501(c)(3) foundation (e.g. the ACLU Foundation) that does stuff which is not directly political, e.g. litigation, public education. So it seems like the best route for foreigners who want to donate in these cases is probably to donate directly to the 501(c)3.

I'd imagine that large organizations like the ACLU must surely have an internal mechanism for funneling foreign donations to the right bit, but right now they're obviously swamped so attempts to clarify via e-mail have been unsuccessful so far.
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1. Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy - There are some books that linger, and some that require a few days of reorientation after surfacing. I finished this book last night and I'm not even certain I'm done surfacing yet, much less orienting myself. Harsh, relentless, beautiful, hopeful, sad, and crushing.

2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - I was an on-again/off-again viewer when this show was on the air, and now I remember why: I do not like these people. They are all, in their own way, terrible. They are fascinating, compelling, and complex characters, but there is only so much time that I can spend with them before I cannot stand anymore of their privileged whining and poor life choices. I think my favorite reaction article is this one from the Atlantic, which outlines all of the ways in which Rory Gilmore is simply not a good journalist [article contains spoilers]. OTOH, I enjoyed the Netflix series, possibly because it was short, relative to an entire season, and I didn't have time to get totally disgusted with anyone.

3. Supergirl 2x07 and The Flash 3x07 - I'm pretty sure that the writers were told about the massive crossover event after they had already planned on the season's story arcs, and that they found out about it right before they wrote these episodes. Both of them had a hasty clearing the decks feel to them. Supergirl especially had three stories, each of which could have easily carried an episode all on its own, plus two major subplots crammed into it. Flash wasn't much better. Hopefully the crossover event is worth these two messy episodes.

4. Elementary 5x07 - No real reaction to the episode (it was a standard Elementary episode) but I really need to know the name of the song that was playing at the very end.
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I'm going to do my usual stripped-down version of the December posting meme, which means that I'm not soliciting post-topic suggestions for specific dates in December, but am taking topic suggestions and will attempt to post about them sometime in the next month or two.

So if there's a subject or two that you'd like me to write about, drop a comment and we'll see what happens! ^_^ (As always, I can't/won't promise to write on absolutely any subject, but I'll do what I can.)


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