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Hello all! I just got back from spending a week in Singapore, where I got to hang out with [personal profile] dozing_dreams, [personal profile] readerofasaph, [personal profile] lacewood, [personal profile] issenllo, [ profile] harumi, [ profile] m4gur0, [personal profile] jhameia (and briefly, a few of [personal profile] jhameia's friends, [personal profile] jolantru, [ profile] monkeygod, and [ profile] halleluyang). We ate a lot of amazing food (and had our fill of durian!), and hopefully, I will actually post up photos and write an account!

But before I get around to that, I wanted to briefly signalboost: Perfect Copy, a remix challenge for Kuroko no Basuke, went live this past week.

[personal profile] qem_chibati has posted up a useful index to all the fanfiction and fanart submissions at [community profile] kuroko_no_basket. Please go take a look!

Here are some recs: Perfect Copy recs )

Also, a group of my friends worked together on a project to write five school swap AUs, and those fics went up last week at Kuroko no Basuke Divergence Week. Obviously, I am biased but I still wholeheartedly rec all of them!

Full list of fics )


Aug. 31st, 2014 09:52 pm
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Mirrored from Twisting Vines.

A fortnight ago I went to LonCon3 – not just my first Worldcon, but my first SFF con of any sort. Given that they were holding it about 20 min tube/DLR ride from me, in ExCel, it would have seemed churlish to skip it. 

There were a lot of panels. A LOT of panels. And I went to quite a few of them. I found myself ducking out of this one 15 min early so I could have a quick break / snack before dashing back for the next slot. It reminded me of when I first went to music festivals (20-odd years ago now) where I would pore over the programme planning how if I left *this* then and dashed over here I could catch half an hr of *that* on the way to *the other*… Another time I might endeavour to take it a little easier and give myself more time for everything else. (I entirely missed the Art Show, for example.)

Having said that, I enjoyed nearly everything I went to, and could happily go back and start over with a whole different set of things. (I missed most of the science track, for example). I have many pages of notes I am not about to type out, but a couple of panels particularly stuck in my mind afterwards (ie came to mind without checking said notes while writing this).
– Race and British SF: a really interesting discussion about who is writing what, where, and why, which left me with a much longer to-read list. 
– Ideology vs Politics in SF: the premise was that ideology (noble ideas) shows up in SF more often than politics (the grubby business of hammering out solutions), probably because the former is in general more interesting to write/read. Lots of discussion about the value of both about writers who do tackle politics, and about the radicalism of imagining a political alternative. 

There was also one talk (on worldbuilding) I left after getting too annoyed by the panelist who invariably referred to a hypothetical character as “he”. A shame as there was good stuff from the other panelists, but it was just too irritating. I cheered myself by getting some dal for a late lunch. 

I saw “kaffeeklatsch” repeatedly on the programme with no explanation, then when I established what it was, was too shy to sign up. Then I found myself sitting next to Stephanie Saulter (author of the excellent novels Gemsigns and Binary, about which I was most enthusiastic at her) at another panel. She mentioned her kaffeeklatsch, which gave me the courage to sign up. I’m glad I did – it was a lovely hour, and I also got to meet and chat to Anne Charnock (whose novel A Calculated Life I have since read and enjoyed), Cindy of Draumr Kopa review blog, and someone from Birmingham SF group whose name now escapes me (oops). Buoyed by this I also went to Teresa and Patrick Neilsen Hayden’s one, which was interesting if less chatty. 

Despite my extensive panel attendance, I also managed to do a bit of socialising with people I didn’t know at all, and thus award myself a Big Gold Social Person Star. (I had a drink with a couple of folk I did know, too, but that is less challenging because I already know that they’re nice.) The fan village in many ways was great from a social point of view – lots of opportunity for mingling – but it was also very noisy (and echoey, being as how this was ExCel and therefore it was inside a big concrete box) which made life harder. I left one thing because I just couldn’t hear anyone, which did nothing for my intermittent social anxiety. 

Sunday I missed most of everything that didn’t involve hanging around in the fan village, as Leon came along for the day. He was delighted with his badge and First Worldcon ribbon and very enthusiastic about running round the ‘village green’ with a hula hoop. He is, however, still not panel-compatible. I went home with him and D at dinner time rather than staying for the Hugos. I was a little sorry, but following it on Twitter over pizza and a glass of wine at home was still pretty exciting, and also involved pizza. A very pleasing set of results. 

(Given how Sunday panned out and that I would have had L with me on Monday too, I somewhat reluctantly stayed home on Monday and missed the final day, bah.)

Brilliant weekend, if exhausting. I would go again like a shot if it ever comes back to Europe. And after over 20 years of being a fan of sorts but never going to a con, I am now signed up for both Eastercon and 9 Worlds next year and greatly looking forward to both. 

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Aug. 31st, 2014 12:12 pm
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Because there may be more people who would want to know who haven't heard yet:

[personal profile] delux_vivens has died.

I don't have words that can do justice to the loss.

A bit of linkspam

Aug. 30th, 2014 11:41 pm
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Some Saturday-night linkspam:

Sparkler Monthly's membership drive is still on! Here are two links about the magazine: Panel Patter takes "A Look at Sparkler Monthly", and Defective Geeks has a good interview with Lillian Diaz-Przybyl.

Book blogger [ profile] mizgillianberry posted "Faultless in Spite of All of Her Faults: The Unlikable Heroine".

[ profile] sabotabby has a brief post in response to the link about Narnia I posted recently, and there's some good discussion in the comments there. ^_^

On Storify, via Twitter: "#whatyounevertaught - the inadequacy of sex education".

Via [personal profile] jae, a post on depression by [ profile] xiphias: "Lemme explain one way that the disease of depression can work", and another called "A few things I've learned about fighting depression".

To say I don't follow fashion much would be an understatement, but I always really enjoy [ profile] glvalentine's red carpet rundowns. Frex, her post about this year's Emmys. (And, okay, I want to single out the pic of Lena Headey she used, because the shot reminds me of how strongly in favor I would be of Lena Headey playing Stacy Mason in a Newsflesh film. I'm most attached to Headey's work on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it's her performance in Game of Thrones that makes me want her for Stacy.)

Via [community profile] ladybusiness, I loved this essay by Nina LaCour: "Love Can Be Simple: What a group of teenagers taught me about writing a love story".

Fic fic fic

Aug. 29th, 2014 07:22 pm
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Title: Let Me
Author: Violsva
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Warnings/Enticements: Insomnia, Slash, Internalized Homophobia, Victorian Attitudes, Awkward Sexual Situations, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling, Explicit Sexual Content, Masturbation, handjobs, Massage, Fellatio
Word Count: 11756
Summary: Sherlock Holmes has suffered from insomnia all his life. When Watson realizes the extent of it, he searches for a way to comfort Holmes, and in the process confronts things neither of them have been saying.

On AO3.

Also, If, experimental poetic smut.

(no subject)

Aug. 28th, 2014 06:50 pm
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My new computer is here! I was worried there might be a problem with the sound, but since the same problem occurred the very last time I used my old computer I figured I try another cable, and that fixed it. The sound cable must've broken when I was tinkering with the old computer.

Now everything seems to be working fine. I can watch tv again and listen to music and most important, I can properly look up images for work. The last two days were so incredibly unproductive. Heck, this entire week was unproductive but for the first few days I still had the jetlag excuse.

At least I went climbing last night and solved a pretty tricky bouldering problem. So I'm not feeling entirely unaccomplished. ;)

tell me what i should be reading

Aug. 28th, 2014 01:22 pm
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I'm going away for Labor Day. The plan is to spend two days pool-side with a drink in one hand and a book in the other.

Any suggestions for what that book should be?

(Please no supernatural/horror, graphic sex, torture/extreme violence, graphic medical scenes, or gas-lighting. Bonus points for books that are out of copyright or otherwise freely available online. Fanfiction recs of 50,000+ word stories also welcome.)
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Much as I love cuddling with cats, I don't think I mind too much that Claudia's not a lapcat. She's very affectionate, but she's just not a snuggler, and that's fine. She does love being petted, but rarely for long.

But then there's Jinksy!bear. Jinksy can be so cuddly, on occasion, and when he does decide to snuggle, he's really good at it. And he wants to be petted very frequently! He loves being petted when he's curled up somewhere, and he strolls into my office several times most days and flops on the floor ("turns off his bones", as [ profile] seananmcguire says about her Thomas), and oh, he wants to be petted then--! He even usually puts himself in reach! ^_-

He does sometimes jump up on my lap at those times, or stay for a bit if I scoop him up and plop him down on me, but he doesn't stay for long. And so it makes me sad--if he would just stay put, he would get SO MUCH MORE petting, because I could do it without leaning way over and having all the blood rush to my head (and I could at least keep reading stuff online, even if he wouldn't let me get away with actually working or writing). But no. And so we both lose. Poor kitty, so specific about what he wants. :/

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Aug. 27th, 2014 01:25 pm
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Classes have started again. In my Greek class, I'm the only person in class who doesn't know everyone else, professor included. Sigh. So that is going to be a bit uncomfortable. Not wildly so, but...being outside of the commonality of everyone else all semester? Ugh. At least the course looks interesting itself, despite recapping a lot of translation I've done before. It will be brutal and informative.

In other news, I have acquired a new dog! I have not named him yet. His previous owners, whom I judge for a variety of sins, named him Shorty. That is not going to stand. He was listed as a corgi/cattle dog mix, which is sort of absurd, as he's maybe fourteen pounds and the size of a runty non-miniature dachshund. He is, in fact, remarkably dachshund-like in shape, with the long hair that some of that breed has, but with a corgi sort of face and paws, and a cattle dog's coloring. It's rather odd. God only knows what went into his making.

What went into his shelter travails: he was picked up a month ago as a stray, and promptly adopted. Two or three days ago, his family returned him, saying that they couldn't keep him because he was "fearful of all new people and new situations." Given that he's about two minutes of shy around brand new people, and was happy to investigate the whole back yard the instant given a chance to do it, I have no idea what they meant. Maybe they lived in an exceptionally terrifying house full of exceptionally intimidating people.

Anyway, I saw him at the shelter yesterday, thought he was sweet and adorable, went home, and said to myself, "God, there's an 80% chance a dog that young, pretty, and house-trained will be gone before I can get back tomorrow for other people to meet him." A bit of hasty texting later, I drove right back to the shelter and picked him up. MINE. ALL MINE.

So far he's as housebroken as promised, not particularly destructive (though he does want to chew on toys Pixel would just groom), interested in cats but willing to back off the instant they hiss, and absolutely in hate with the whole concept of being crated. So I think this is workable. The older cats, of course, hate his existence; Zabina is wary, but comes by to investigate periodically, and has already declared herself willing to eat his kibble if he doesn't get to it fast enough. Which he generally doesn't.

A whole long series of pictures beneath the cut.

Doggy! )

CA:TWS Fic: There's My Territory

Aug. 26th, 2014 09:26 pm
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So I decided I wanted to write fic about Bucky wearing panties. And then I realized that there had to be a reason he was wearing them and where did Bucky even ACQUIRE panties and...

So anyway, thirty thousand words later: Bucky in panties fic!

Many thanks to [ profile] rubynye for supporting this story all along and [ profile] feanorinleatherpants for not only cheering this story on but illustrating, and to [personal profile] giddygeek for beta!

There's My Territory (29587 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Lingerie, Cookies, Threesome - M/M/M, Internalized Kink Shaming, Disordered Eating

"That's the beauty of this stuff," the salesman said, tilting his head toward the display Bucky had been looking at. "Nobody knows what you're keeping under your clothes. That's between you and yourself."

running plans

Aug. 26th, 2014 06:33 pm
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I'm getting nervous about the Imogene Pass Run, which will be a week from Saturday. I have not managed to get either the mileage or the long runs that I did last time I ran it, two years ago, so I am probably not going to PR, or place in my (new) age group. Oh, well. My own fault. I think I can come in under 3:45, anyway, and maybe around 3:40, five minutes off my PR.

In fact, I haven't actually done any long runs since CIM. A couple of half marathons and a couple of 13+ runs have been the max, so on Sunday I decided I'd better run on some steep trails for at least 3 hours, which I figured would be about 14 miles. In fact those 14 miles ended up taking me 3:14, with a lot of walking involved, but I know I'll be walking a lot at Imogene, so that's okay. And I got some excellent views! )

Imogene will only be the beginning. I've got big plans for the fall - for some value of 'big', anyway. First up will be a 5K the following week, on September 13th. It's a benefit for the local Alzheimer's association, as one of the local runners (and a guy I know through both running and politics) has developed this disease, and his wife has organized this race. I've signed up both me and Britt. I'm hoping to do well in this race as I have been doing coached track workouts lately - more on this later, probably in another post. I doubt I can PR since my PR is a downhill race, but if I get a "loop course PR" I will be content.

The following week is the Animas Mug Run, a trail 10K-ish which I ran once, back in 2009. (I actually drank my tea out of the mug today.) I'd like to run it again, just because it's a cool race.

Then three weeks later - on October 11th and 12th - it's time for the Durango Double. For the past two years it's been a trail 25K/50K on Saturday, and road half/full marathon on Sunday, but this year there is a new race director, a new format of trail half Saturday and road half Sunday, and new (and I think better) courses. I did the trail 25K/road half combo two years ago, and enjoyed it a lot. Last year I volunteered, but this year I'll be running again.

The main reason I volunteered rather than ran last year was that The Other Half, the Moab half I run every October, was scheduled for the following Sunday, rather than two weeks later as it was in 2012, and that was my goal half (and I ran a PR, so, yay!) But this year, as last year, the races are a week apart - too close, I think, to be able to run a quality race at TOH... I'm thinking about a 50K instead. Um. I know this sounds crazy! But the Dead Horse 50K will also be in Moab, on Saturday October 19th, and as this is the opening weekend of hunting season here and Britt will be otherwise occupied, it's a good weekend for me to do a race. This is a new race, but the company that's organizing it is an established one, and they put on many ultras including the well-regarded Red Hot 55K which several of my friends have run. The course is near Dead Horse State Park on the Gemini Bridges mountain bike route and other nearby jeep roads, and the course profile looks relatively easy - for an ultra, anyway!

The thing is, it is probably easier to run an 'easy' ultra (that is, just complete the distance at a comfortable-ish pace) a week after the double than it is to race a half, and if I can't give a good effort at TOH I don't want to do it. And then I'd be out there for the weekend, anyway, and could cheer my friends on at TOH, and go out for dinner with them as usual, etc. Anyway, I haven't yet committed, but I'm strongly tempted.

I haven't even looked at November.... ;-)

Rec of the day

Aug. 26th, 2014 10:02 pm
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[Celebrating my recovered bookmarks by posting a quick rec before I try to make up for all the lost time today...]

Here's a terrific h/c oneshot from one of my favorite writers in AOS fandom :)
The White Silence by [ profile] Matarreyes
Gen with Skyeward subtext; chars: Ward, Skye, team; hypothermia, h/c; G; 6835 words
Summary: After they crash in the Canadian mountains, Ward must get an injured Skye to Providence. The fact that he is an enemy of SHIELD is of little importance in the face of hypothermia threatening to set in.

(no subject)

Aug. 26th, 2014 09:08 pm
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Well, I waited a couple hours, then tried to start my computer one last time to save my Firefox bookmarks and some lesser data. It wouldn't start, just made some aborted attempts at booting up with pitiful sounds. So I kicked it a little, after which it finally booted up. It gave me a blue screen talking about overflowing buffers, then I could boot up for real. So now at least all my data is saved. And maybe I'll even be able to used this computer until the new one gets here.

I deinstalled the newly added dropbox because that seemed to cause all kinds of problems, but I can't imagine that to be the sole cause, especially since it's had occasional problems waking up from standby for weeks. It's almost five years old... none of my previous computers reached that age.

Of course I'm tempted to tell the guy at the show I won't need a new computer for the time being, since it's running again and all, but the mere fact that I had to kick it so it would boot can't be a good sign.

(no subject)

Aug. 26th, 2014 05:22 pm
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My computer croaked. Wah. I loved that computer. Best one I ever had. Also kinda sucks that this had to happen the same year I buy a new bike AND the washing machine breaks. OTOH the timing coulda been worse too; at least I haven't started with my new project yet and all previous ones are completed. (and my show is on hiatus...;)

New one might be ready by Saturday, in the meantime I'll have to see if I can get my ancient laptop to work again so I don't have to do my research for the new job on my tablet.

Linkspam? Linkspam. Unsorted.

Aug. 25th, 2014 03:12 pm
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(Meme answers coming later. ^^; La!)

[ profile] mrissa posted "Adjective order and speculative writing".

Anime News Network has a trailer for the live-action Princess Jellyfish/Kuragehime movie!

ANN also has a trailer for the new live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie, and I'm still blown away by how much they keep the vibe of the manga's action while not being completely over-the-top with the stunts/effects.

Over on [community profile] ladybusiness, [personal profile] renay posted thoughts on Kameron Hurley and We Have Always Fought. (Personally, I've read the titular essay, but not the whole collection; I have a copy, but the story of my to-read pile continues unchanged. ^^;)

[community profile] ladybusiness then offers a guest post from Kameron Hurley: "Gender, Family, Nookie: The Speculative Frontier". I wanted to include a pull quote, but the whole thing is eminently quotable and important, and it's short, so seriously, just go read it.

At [personal profile] giandujakiss, there's a discussion going on about "meta on Captain America, fandom, and how fandom uses the Captain America canon (including the fact that he is canonically a celebrity, and a symbol of America, with a fandom) to argue for progressive politics as part of the American ideal."

At [personal profile] skygiants there's been a discussion happening (looks like it's maybe winding down) about people's favorite ways to watch things socially (opening with a poll).

I haven't tried this and can't remember where I saw it--maybe in comments on one of [personal profile] kaberett's posts?--but Goal-Fish, which describes itself as a "neurodivergent to-do list", sounds pretty great.

Via [personal profile] firecat, [ profile] shweta_narayan's post Let's talk about category structure and oppression!" is what it says on the tin, and an excellent read. (Another case of "just go read it!")

Via Twitter, "A Few Truths About Body Size".

Via [personal profile] wired, "War in the womb: A ferocious biological struggle between mother and baby belies any sentimental ideas we might have about pregnancy". "It isn’t that our babies are less ruthless than Diaea ergandros, but that our mothers are less generous. The mammal mother works hard to stop her children from taking more than she is willing to give. The children fight back with manipulation, blackmail and violence. Their ferocity is nowhere more evident than in the womb."

Via [personal profile] jae, "On Suicide Shaming". [obvious trigger warnings]

Via [personal profile] newredshoes, "How To Get Back To Narnia" is about the Chronicles as a formative work, and about returning to the books and finding their weaknesses and deep flaws while also rediscovering what's best about them. "But this is the Chronicles’ greatest, redeeming strength: that sowed within are the seeds of their own dogma’s destruction. The machinery, the logic, of Narnia itself resists its author’s heavy-handed lessons. Though Lewis pushes Susan out of heaven, he cannot take back the founding tenet of the series — that “once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia” — which is truer than her absence."

Via [personal profile] newredshoes, an article from back around Mother's Day: "The Unmothered", about grief and loss and absence.

As it often does, xkcd nailed it the other day. Yes, that is all too often the story of my life.

The Mary Sue reviews Dark Dungeons, based on one of the more infamous religious tracts by Jack Chick. I grew up Baptist (Atlantic-Canadian flavor, which is a very different thing from Southern--to which I say, not at all facetiously, thank God) in the '80s, so I am alarmingly familiar with many of the Chick tracts, and even though my home church didn't much buy into it, I was quite aware of the whole Satanic Panic nonsense. I also somehow managed to have, for a few years there, a sort of mixed-bag impression that RPGs were generally completely fine but D&D was specifically Satanic. No, I don't know either.

While I was in Toronto I saw the first seven minutes or so of this movie, and I can't wait to see the whole thing. (From the review: "Produced in 1984, Dark Dungeons [the tract] has a somewhat legendary status among roleplayers. This is the crème de la crème of moral panic, the ancestral cousin of Harry Potter book burnings. In the tract’s disjointed pages, we learn that arguing about grappling rules around a Cheeto-dusted table is anything but benign. RPGs, you see, are a tool of Satan, used to lure young minds into actual witchcraft.")


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