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I generally try to keep my linkspam posts to something like 15-20 links in the name of having them stay somewhat manageable, but my brain's been operating slowly for the past few days, mostly at about the speed where I can sift through saved-for-later links on Twitter (many of which have wound up in Pocket, possibly to never be seen again, at least by me). So the file is getting a bit scary and I'm dumping it out under a cut. If you venture in, I hope you find some things of interest.

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Wild Magic (3587 words) by thedeadparrot
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jeff Carter/Mike Richards
Characters: Mike Richards, Jeff Carter
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Hunters & Hunting, Animal Butchering

On the ice, he careens into opposing players, he fires off slapshots, he wins faceoffs, and he gets into fights. He does it all with the taste of the lake's water on his tongue, the feel of its winter ice underneath his skates. Some of the other witches chirp him for cheating, for using his magic where it's not allowed. But they don't get it. Mike's magic has never been something he does. It's always been something he is.

In case you really wanted to read about deer butchering today or something.
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Cuddles for Comfort 2017 banner

[ profile] james just put together the Cuddles for Comfort 2017 collection on AO3, and notes:
The collection is open to fiction, art, vids, podfic, any type of fan creation that features cuddling.

All fandoms!

All relationships and ratings. Gen, slash, het; lovers, friends, siblings, sworn enemies, sentient battle tanks, all welcome!

The fest is from now until Feb 14, though the collection won't really close so folks can post after.

Yesterday [ profile] scruloose and I bought this coffee table...sight unseen, because there wasn't a floor model out. (We have a few days after its delivery to return it, no questions asked, if we change our minds once it arrives.) We looked at some others, but veneer tops are very common, and while our cats are never deliberately destructive, they're cats and have claws, and I suspect a veneer would start having visible scratches within a day. This one has a slate top.

And today I ordered an Alphasmart Neo2 (used, as they were discontinued in 2013 or so). I've heard about them on and off for years and always kinda wanted one. On Facebook, a friend mentioned having just gotten one and already loving it, so I finally went ahead, since the secondhand price on Amazon was pretty reasonable.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention that a few days ago I caved and bought a supporting Worldcon 2017 membership so I can nominate and vote in the Hugos. I'm not gonna pretend that the main incentive wasn't this note in [ profile] seanan_mcguire's eligibility post:
The 2017 Hugo Awards will have a special category for Best Series, and because of the release of Feedback and RISE during the 2016 calendar year, Newsflesh is eligible.
Yes, hello, I am all over this.
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Sleep With Both Eyes Open (2035 words) by umadoshi
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason
Characters: Georgia Mason, Shaun Mason
Additional Tags: POV First Person, POV Female Character, Canon Disabled Character, Adopted Sibling Incest, Coping Mechanisms, some spoilers (see notes)

As either a concession to my scruples or a sign of how eager he was to get the hell out into the open air with someone other than a security detail, Shaun put on an almost-reasonable amount of protective gear without my having to say a word. I did the only appropriate thing in response: while he fidgeted, I went back to my computer, pulled up our shared calendar, and entered "PIGS FLEW" on the current date.

He opened his mouth to protest, and I shook my head. "Not a word, or tomorrow morning I have a new blog post about my dashing Irwin brother finally learning some common sense in his old age," I said, which earned me a glower that suggested Shaun couldn't decide whether "common sense" or "old age" was more offensive.

In which Georgia and Shaun take a fleeting break from the horrific workload and stress about two-thirds into Feed.

Additional notes:
--Written for [ profile] cantarina for [ profile] fandom_stocking.
--Title from Dessa's "Warsaw".
--Beta work by [personal profile] wildpear.
--Set roughly between chapters 22-23 of Feed. Includes mid-book spoilers.

You can also read the fic under the cut )
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Any other London DWers going (or considering going) on the Women's March on London this Saturday?

Note: the London march explicitly welcomes people of all genders, and says in their FAQ:

"The march was given its name by those who started this initiative in Washington DC. In solidarity, we adopted the name as the march is spearheaded BY women, but importantly is FOR everyone."

Miscellaneous linkspam

Jan. 16th, 2017 12:59 am
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"The Transatlantic Cable and Mermaid Erotica". [BizarreVictoria]

"Wide Impact: Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited".

"WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages".

Not so much my thing, but this may amuse some of you! [ profile] wildpear's husband was passing this link from Physics Forums around: "Vacuum or pressure to move spaghetti through a hole".

"Productivity in Terrible Times".

"This Tiny Thermal Printer Turns Anything On Your Phone Into a Sticky Note".

"Nellie Bly and the Women Who Paved the Way for Investigative Journalists Both Real and Fictional". [The Mary Sue]

Via [ profile] alisanne, geeky wedding cakes at Cake Wrecks.

"John Scalzi's 10-point plan for getting creative work done in the age of Trump".

"I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life".

"How much does it hurt? Aching, throbbing, searing, excruciating – pain is difficult to describe and impossible to see. So how can doctors measure it? John Walsh finds out about new ways of assessing the agony".

"The 1 Photo Going Viral to Help Women Detect Breast Cancer".

"Eindhoven graduate designs a gun for firing her tears".

"‘Goodnight Moon’ author was a bisexual rebel who didn’t like kids". [Annoying headline, but an interesting read.]

"A View from the Edge — Creating a Culture of Caring". [The New England Journal of Medicine] [Content notes: Late-term pregnancy loss. Otherwise, I wouldn't say this is hugely graphic about the writer's (nearly fatal) situation past the first paragraph, but avoid if descriptions of callousness from medical professionals distresses you.] "My recovery involved five major operations including a right hepatectomy. I had to relearn to walk, speak, and do many other things I had taken for granted. But in the process, as a patient, I learned things about us — physicians and other medical professionals — that I might not have wanted to know. I learned that though we do so many difficult, technical things so perfectly right, we fail our patients in many ways.

As a patient, I was privy to failures that I’d been blind to as a clinician. There were disturbing deficits in communication, uncoordinated care, and occasionally an apparently complete absence of empathy. I recognized myself in every failure."

"The Instant Ramen Power Rankings". [Lucky Peach]

"Ramen in Japan, Ramen in America: On flour, chicken fat, and how Americans just don't really know yet". [Lucky Peach]

"What Would Dorie [Greenspan] Do? Celebrate everything". [Lucky Peach, the holiday edition]
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This post is brought to you by "I had a few things I wanted to post about but then I accidentally slept for most of the evening and now my brain is mush and also I need to go to bed soon". Aren't you excited?

[ profile] scruloose went to Mountain Equipment Co-op today and used a Christmas gift card to pay for part of the purchase. This is not interesting in and of itself, but I mention it because, when I was entering the expenditure into the spreadsheet, I happened to notice the following words on the receipt:

"Transaction type: FORCED REDEMPTION"


In the last few days I semi-spontaneously decided I wanted to look into getting a new chair for the living room (to add more seating, not to replace anything), and since there are currently some new-year sales happening, last night (fully spontaneously) [ profile] scruloose and I went for ramen and then shopping with Ginny and Kas.

Chair shopping was unsuccessful. It also inherently makes me a little sad, because I know exactly what chair I want. This one! Ginny has it, and it's tremendously comfortable and cozy...and massive. There's no way to fit it into the living room without making the room feel over-full and cluttery, short of getting a smaller sofa. And the current sofa is wonderfully comfy and beloved and not going anywhere. (Not to mention that our wallet would much prefer not unnecessarily replacing a large furniture item.)

Tomorrow [ profile] scruloose and I are heading to another store, and it's still possible that a chair will come home, but it's no longer my focus. The real takeaway from last night, you see, is that I learned about lift-top coffee tables. *_* How did I not know this was a thing? They are made for my "I like to combine dinner and TV-watching" lifestyle. (Probably literally.) And they have varying degrees of built-in storage, in the form of drawers and/or open space under the top! Storage, guys! STORAGE!!!

(We almost brought one home last night for a very deep discount, because it had a bit of damage and the lift mechanism was extremely stiff. The damage was reparable, but after spending a long time studying it, [ profile] scruloose and Kas, who are both very handy, concluded that there was no way to be sure that the mechanism's stiffness could be fixed. :/ [ profile] scruloose figured there was a decent chance it'd be easy to take care of, but didn't want to bank on it, so we passed the poor table up.)

Political linkspam (18 links)

Jan. 14th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Taking Action 9 links )

Essays, Op-Eds, News, etc. 9 links )
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Borrowing Ri's infrared electric oven [I'd thought it was a convection oven, which is quite similar to the air fryer concept I'd been looking at, but turns out it's something else entirely]. Tonight I tested it on "fries"--sliced, soaked potatoes, patted dry, with citrus pepper sprinkled on. It took twice the time the instructions claimed, and the result was very odd. Not crispy, and yet the potato was puffed up, with air in between the skin and the flesh. And even given the citrus pepper, completely bland. Tossed it with olive oil and more peppers to make it edible, but that was not heartening.
Then I did some Thai chicken [obviously whenever I say chicken one can sub in tofu, mushrooms, seitan, eggplant & other squashes, anything like that]--breasts cut up into small chunks, mixed with green curry paste, extra minced garlic & ginger, and the last of my dehydrated coconut flakes [unsweetened]. I'd say I need to replace them, but honestly, we've had those kicking about for over 8 years so....maybe not.
With the potatoes, I was still very polite with the new tech, and arranged them on the tray not touching at all. Not so much with the mushy raw chicken bits all glued together with sticky garlic, ginger, curry pastes. I just tossed half of it onto the tray situation. And taking my cue from the potatoes, I added half again as much time to the device.
The results were amazingly delicious--though perhaps that's because you can't go wrong with Thai spices, garlic, ginger, and chicken? But the device did brown bits of it on top, which was yummy and desired, in a way it failed to do for potatoes. Which had longer time. So....maybe its really just meant for meat? Very single use device then...but still fun for the moment.
Yummy food always appreciated.

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Jan. 14th, 2017 02:55 pm
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I flippantly said to someone earlier in the week that the snow would be gone by the weekend. Because, you know, Portland. Snow seldom lasts hours here, let alone days.

In point of actual fact, there are still a good six inches of snow out there, and it's currently 28 deg with a flipping brutal east wind. (But at least it's brilliantly sunny? Does that compensate for the knives in my skull, or contribute to them?) I made [personal profile] grrlpup go for a walk with me just now; the excursion didn't so much relieve my cabin fever as intensify it.

(Look, I was housebound for a week because sick, and then it snowed, and then it snowed again. I am so flipping done with this.)


In other news, Elementary Rolling Remix went live this morning: one seed story, passed to another for remixing, which is then passed to another for remixing, and so on, like a brownstone-centric game of Telephone. I contributed, of course, and so did [personal profile] grrlpup. (She almost never participates in exchanges!) Guessing post is here, for those who want to try their hands at guessing creators or reconstructing the chain.

this is not a real post about parkour

Jan. 14th, 2017 04:02 pm
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I went to a parkour workshop today, and it was super great. My back and arms are sore because I went to class yesterday, and I have an ugly bruise on my right knee from screwing up a jump (which is exhibit D of a future post entitled 'Athletes have disgusting bodies'). I do have a longer post that I would like to write about why I love this sport so much, but I have not had enough time to gather my thoughts.

The rest of my weekend will probably involve sitting on my couch, working on a third fic that I will write and never post, and hunt down authors to bid on for [ profile] fandomtrumpshate. (There's a very long list of people offering things if you want to try to skim it to find authors you might recognize.)

I am thrilled that I have the cash to actually bid for things in one of these big fandom auctions. I'm eager to get into bidding wars over some of the ones that I've already bid on (so yeah, if you are at all hesitant about hurting my feelings by bidding against me, I am actually really excited to tangle with you).

And I dunno. If I'm feeling mostly recovered by Monday, I might go ice skating. That could be fun. Maybe I'll even learn how to stop like a real skater instead of just running into walls.

Oh, this is clever

Jan. 14th, 2017 02:37 pm
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[ profile] chavisory: Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

If you are a person generally able to make phone calls, but you’re in a Democratic state or district and are a little frustrated with your reduced ability to change your representatives’ minds that way… Will you reach out to your family, friends, and social media groups and ask whether there is someone in a red state or district, who can’t make phone calls (for reasons of disability, etc.), who would like you to make a call on their behalf?

When you call, you can say “I’m calling on behalf of [name of person], who is a constituent of Senator/Representative [their name]. [Name] isn’t able to make phone calls due to a disability,” and then proceed with a script as usual.

Go and read it. I think this could actually work.

(Though if you are in a blue state and phone-capable -- do remember to give your representatives some love if/when they do the right thing, as well as volunteering for others; representatives don't get a lot of positive feedback so apparently it has an impact.)

Also, we need to be doing this in the UK too.

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Jan. 14th, 2017 01:11 am
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Fannish/Geeky Things

I don't know how I feel about this. "Leia At Risk: Grief, Nostalgia, and Mythic Storytelling".

"BBC reveal plans for 'poignant' new Terry Pratchett documentary".

"10 Discworld Quotes You'll Desperately Need for the Next Four Years". [io9]

"The Feminism of Sailor Moon". [Teen Vogue]

"Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Where She Thinks Buffy Would Be Today".

"My Little Ponies: Like 4-H, But for Weirdos". [[ profile] seanan_mcguire at My favorite author, folks. *g*] "In the very first animated adventure of the Ponies, they fought the Devil. Like, the Devil. He wanted to transform innocent Ponies into dragons of darkness and use them to bring about eternal night, as one does. Lots of Pony panic and some casual kidnapping followed, and something in my tiny blonde brain went “click.”

You could get away with anything, if you made it fluffy and pink enough. You could destroy the whole world, as long as you were willing to cover it in glitter first.

Oh, this was going to be fun."

"Previously on Comics: Anticipated Adaptations and Fighting Stigmas". [[ profile] incitata at Women Write About Comics]

Sarah Gailey concludes her Women of Harry Potter series at with "Minerva McGonagall, Bright and Burning".


"Life Hacks for Brain Fog: Chronic Illness, Focus and The Professional Artist" and "Brain Fog Life Hacks: Out of Sight is Out of Mind". [Colleen Doran]

"Everything Breaks. It’s What We Do With The Pieces That Matters". [Rachel Barenblat/The Velveteen Rabbi]

"Clinique Makes Crayola Makeup a Reality".

"Depression: On Noise, Answering the Telephone and Making Decisions".

"Regarding Spirit Animals". "Dear NonNatives: Nothing is your spirit animal. Not a person, place or thing. Nothing is your spirit animal. You do not get one. Spirit animals derive from Anishinaabe and other tribes deeply held religious beliefs. It is a sacred, beloved process that is incredibly secret. You as a NonNative can say “X is my spirit animal” but as an Anishinaabe woman I hear "I'm a ignorant asshole." There are better words. If you want to say X is my spirit animal, don't. Try "Patronus" or "Muse." or "Inspiration" NONE OF WHICH MISAPPROPRIATE LIVING CULTURES."

"Jesus never read ‘The Bible’". [Slacktivist]

"A pocketful of hope". [Author Kristine Wyllys' New Year's post]

"Library Extension [for Chrome] Finds Books At Your Local Library While You Shop On Amazon". [Lifehacker]

"I love sliced white bread. It’s the best thing since … er, sliced white bread".

Is small life so manic

Jan. 13th, 2017 04:44 pm
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enchiladas today: 3 days ago soaked beans over night, have been rinsing them in a colander ~every 12 hours or so ever since to encourage sprouting. not every one sprouts, and that's fine. did not can them today, but took what i was going to use and boiled them until extra soft [we like mushy beans in enchiladas sometimes], drained [i save the water for the soil], put aside.
made enchilada sauce by blending [can mix in and simmer if preferred, i just love to blend things] 3 kinds of chiles, some hot paprika, smoked paprika, peppercorns, dash salt, cumin, oregano, basil, dash lemon juice, bit flour, drop of oil, dash of turmeric, and a can of tomato sauce.
browned the ground chicken i am adding to extra protein, then simmered with the beans and ~1/3 the sauce.
preheated oven [not necessary, but our house is cold].
fill corn tortillas with much less mixture than you think should fit [:p i always overstuff wraps], lay in tray open side down, cover with more sauce, cheese (cheap cheese ends mixture ftw), put oven ~350-375 for ~20 mins, take out, add parsley on top, put back for 5 mins.
meh. gonna need to remember to change things up somehow next time. mark liked them, but i have very high standards that they just did not live up to.


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