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I was hoping to make a non-linkspam post today, but clearly that's not happening, given how soon I should be in bed to get up and go erranding/shopping with Ginny tomorrow.

In lieu of remotely-personal content, have a picture of Jinksy!bear I uploaded to Twitter the other night when he hopped onto my lap and snuggled in EIGHT HOURS AND ONE MINUTE before my alarm was set to go off. Because cats. (He got petted thoroughly.)


"Stop Reverting to Childhood on Your Holiday Visit Home".

Presented without comment, other than "wow, Buzzfeed is covering our provincial politics": "Here’s A Rundown Of The Batshit Insanity That Is Nova Scotia Politics Right Now".

"Bad sex in fiction award 2015: Morrissey goes head to head with Erica Jong".

Fandom/Geeky Things

ANN reports that "Ai Yazawa Draws Brand New Nana Calendar for Cookie Mag".

The main "Bryan Fuller's Plans For Hannibal Season 4" post at [ profile] hannibalseason4infosources. (The Tumblr does have some other posts, but it basically looks like the account exists for this one. *g*)

Via [ profile] musesfool, "Super: The Gayest ‘Stucky’ Moments in the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer". As [ profile] musesfool singled out, the article notes, "Yet if Bucky Barnes were a woman, this would be a love story, played out with all the same narrative beats. If Peggy were the brainwashed assassin kept frozen through the decades, this movie would definitely end in a kiss. Everything about the love, pain, and intimacy of the Steve/Bucky relationship on the big screen is typical of a romance, and that’s something fans are right to respond to — something the filmmakers may even be playing into, though surely not with any formal sign-off from Disney." (Do I have to note that this includes many, many trailer spoilers + speculation?)

From October, "103-year-old celebrates her birthday dressed as Wonder Woman".

"Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro comes to life with ingenious lasercut paper set from Studio Ghibli".

Back in July, Foz Meadows wrote "Juggling 8 Protagonists: Netflix’s Sense8" for

Also at "Is it Grimdark, or is it Horror?" "After reading several grimdark novels, and one most excellent supernatural horror novel that can stand up to the comparison, I realized something very important: what separates grimdark from horror is the agency given to the supernatural. / In most grimdark literature, the supernatural is a passive force controlled by humans, whereas in horror, the supernatural becomes an active entity with agency."

"The Psychology of Fandom: Why We Get Attached to Fictional Characters". [The Mary Sue]


"A woman is knitting tiny wool jumpers to keep her chickens warm". "Battery hens, which have spent most if not all of their lives in cages to maximize laying eggs, have trouble acclimatising to normal outdoor conditions once they are released."

"Drop Everything Because It’s Fat Squirrel Season". [Buzzfeed]

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Nov. 29th, 2015 04:17 pm
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Died on this day in 1314 aged 46 King Philip IV of France (my toy,wikipedia). Father of Isabella who married Edward II. Consolidated royal power in France, fought a War with the English, expelled the Jews from France... so fairly typical sort of European ruler then. He had diplomatic contacts with the Mongols in Baghdad and was contemplating an alliance with them against the Turks.

Born on this day in 1338 to King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault, Lionel of Antwerp Plantagenet , 1st Duke of Clarence (my toy,wikipedia). One of Edward III's too many sons... he was governor (not very successfully) in Ireland. Geoffrey Chaucer was a page in Lionel's house (Chaucer married the sister of Katheryne Swynford, John of Gaunt's 3rd wife, so he's going to be in the database eventually although he isn't yet)
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Yesterday (Friday) I was pretty groggy and out of it all day, so even though I had an accidental nap in the evening (admittedly, I was then up until 2 AM or so, but that's normal), I opted not to set an alarm for this morning.


I woke up briefly around 7 or 8 or so with a headache and got up long enough to take something for it...and the next thing I knew, it was almost 1 PM. By the time I had my tea made, [ profile] scruloose was home from the market. So I had my tea and breakfast while I quickly read through DW etc., as I usually do at a somewhat more reasonable hour, and then went back downstairs to talk to [ profile] scruloose a bit before starting work.

When I regained consciousness from today's accidental nap, it was nearly 4 PM. *facepalm* At least I managed not to fall asleep again while [ profile] scruloose was out this evening; instead, I read Patrick Ness' The Rest of Us Just Live Here, which is the first book I'd picked up in two weeks. It's also really good. *^^*

This degree of tiredness isn't unusual when Casual Job is happening, but I generally think of it as taking longer to hit. We've only had two full weeks (with Mondays off), and other than the Wednesdays running their usual eleven-or-so hours, the days haven't been all that long. Given that, the sleepiness (and failure to get much of anything done) is pretty annoying. :/

And speaking of Casual Job, this bout is really not looking like it's gonna be a long one. We may even be finished by the end of this coming week. O_o

My wallet is deeply unimpressed by this prospect, since Casual Job is a high percentage of my overall yearly income, and among more usual expenses, we're planning some work on the main bathroom. more details under the cut )


Nov. 28th, 2015 02:40 pm
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So, lots of stuff going on. Health, work, family, blah blah blah.

In the middle of all that, though, I adopted a new German Shepherd. Meet Jetta:

Read more... )

She's a rescue. Which means that she's overweight, hardly trained, barely housebroken, tennis-ball obsessed, and suffers from separation anxiety. On the other hand, she loves people, is very snuggly, and has figured out pretty quickly that every time she goes in her crate she gets a treat, so we're learning to get along.

It will take a bit longer to get her used to having her nails clipped, though...

Oh, and the name is not for the car: it's a nickname for Bridget, except the original spelling was Gette, and it would be impossible to get anyone to pronounce it right. And since she's jet black, it seemed to work.

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Nov. 28th, 2015 05:18 pm
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Died on this day in 1694 aged 32 Queen Mary II of England (my toy,wikipedia). William-and-Mary took the throne of England in the Glorious Revolution (to get ride of James, who was too Catholic for England apparently); they held the throne jointly, both being descendants of Charles I although her claim was more direct (she was the daughter of James). Under William-and-Mary the rights of the sovereign were curtailed (further) in favour of parliament. William spent much of their reign fighting Jacobites in Ireland. She died of Smallpox.

Born on this day in 1489 to King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, Margaret Tudor (my toy,wikipedia). Daughter of Henry VII. Margaret married James IV of Scotland, James IV died invading England (in support of France) and Margaret became regent for their young son James V. This caused difficulties, she was a woman and English and the Scots were at war with the English... and she further annoyed the Scots by secretly marrying the Earl of Angus. Eventually she scarpered to England leaving Scotland (and James V) in the hands of the Duke of Albany. She eventually returned to Scotland, divorced Angus and married someone else, but did not end up Back In Charge.

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Nov. 27th, 2015 02:53 pm
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Died on this day in 1087 aged 36 Bertha of Savoy (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Henry who married Matilda who was never Queen.

Born on this day in 1833 to Adolphus Hanover , Duke of Cambridge and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, Pricness Mary of Cambridge (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Mary who married George V, also granddaughter of George III. Mary grew up in Hanover, where her father was viceroy for his brother who was King of bother the UK and Hanover; when Victoria came to the throne of the UK she didn't get Hanover (Salic law) but neither did Mary's father (it went to her Uncle who was older) and he returned to London with his family. Mary married late (she was considered unattractive and wasn't wealthy but was too important to marry just anyone) to the Duke of Teck (who was also not wealthy, and not very important, but was good enough for the Queen to allow it), they lived in London until they ran up debts they could not repay and ran off to the continent to avoid them (they did later return to London).
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Fandom/Geeky Things

At, "(Almost) Every SFF Adaptation Coming to Television and Movie Theaters!"

"20+ Gifts For Miyazaki Lovers That Will Spirit You Away".

A Kickstarter: "Hatoful Boyfriend Official Plush Project".

A couple weeks old, but io9 posted "Behold The Awesome Origins Of Spider-Gwen's New Female Captain America".

A first round of Jessica Jones links:

Spoiler-free, timestamped list of possible triggers related to rape/sexual assault in Jessica Jones; includes a link to a similar post re: scenes of domestic/familial abuse.

"Jessica Jones Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg on Season 2 and Women in Hollywood". [The Mary Sue]

An interesting read on the history of Patsy Walker in comics, with some minor spoilers for the first few episodes of Jessica Jones. [Polygon]

"Why Krysten Ritter Hated the Idea of Jessica Jones". [Slate interview]

"'Jessica Jones' showrunner Melissa Rosenberg talks rape, adaptation, and female sexuality". [LA Times]


"What Goth Culture Looks Like Around The World". [slideshow, annoyingly]

"An Ancient Chinese Ginkgo Tree Drops an Ocean of Golden Leaves".

"After 6 Years And 720,000 Attempts, Photographer Finally Takes Perfect Shot Of Kingfisher".

"20+ Reasons Why Being A Nature Photographer Is The Best Job In The World".

Unsorted (all via Facebook)

"How Contemporary Hairstyles Affect Historical Costume Movies: The 1920s".

"Ever Wondered Why Americans of the 1930s and 40s Spoke with an Accent?" [links to a short Brainstuff video]

"Why living with friends doesn’t make you a bad adult". [The National Post]

"Why I Never Tell Anyone My Age".

"22 Times The Dedication Page Was The Best Part Of The Book". (Amusing read, but the headline is definitely inaccurate in terms of Hyperbole and a Half, and doubtless so in the case of many of the other books. Dear headline writer: yes, it's a clever, but not clever enough to keep me from rolling my eyes.)

"Cats Experience Less Stress When They Have Access To Boxes: Study".

Pursuant to the last post

Nov. 26th, 2015 08:22 pm
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If anyone fancies writing fic (fanfic or origfic) for Rachel, she's put up a bunch of (really rather awesome, IMHO) prompts and descriptions of what she likes. Check it out. See if you are inspired:

[personal profile] rachelmanija: Totally Self-Indulgent Begging For Fic

Five questions

Nov. 26th, 2015 11:05 am
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These questions are from [personal profile] tylik.

1. I would love to hear excerpts (because I wouldn't expect more than excerpts) from a letter you could write to your fourteen year old self. (Assume both security and authentication is ensured.)

I have very little in my life that I would change. Not so much because I have never done anything regrettable, but because, current unemployment aside, I am pretty dang satisfied with where I am today, and it's my fuckups as much as my successes that have put me here. Maybe moreso my fuckups than my successes. So I'd have to avoid anything that might alter the life-path, and in the final analysis, I'd send the letter to my financial planner instead, with instructions to sell all our AMZN on or before New Year's Eve 1999, and then save the proceeds to buy it all back and then some in October of 2001 (and to keep this information secret from younger me until the date from which I sent the letter). Also with investment information about the company that was making possible written correspondence with the past.

That said, I don't really need time-traveling mail service, since thirteen-year-old me currently lives in my basement and consumes half my grocery budget.

2. Walking/hiking tour. Three weeks, any location worldwide. Where do you go?

Switzerland/Austria, through the network of Alpine huts. Hot dinner and a bed to sleep in every night, and with less food to carry, I could have more of my camera gear with me.

3. Pick a graduate career. No worries about entrance requirements, or supporting yourself in the meantime, or other pressing time commitments in your life, and assume reasonable enough faculty that you're unlikely to find yourself in need of burying any bodies.

Man, if I knew the answer to this, I'd be doing it right now. Too many interesting choices, not enough certainty of a career at the end of any of them. I mean, there's Econ, but I don't know what an economist actually does who isn't working in academia (and I'd find policy economics' active revulsion for data even more excruciating if I were deeper into the field), or Comp Sci, but I've the feeling that most of the interesting advances are actually happening outside of the schools (though if I did pick CS, I know who I'd want as my advisor; too bad he's at Syracuse), or I could go back and finish the math degree I abandoned in order to finish college earlier and get a job, but I *really* don't know how I'd make a living with a math degree. I've always been kind of interested in Poli Sci, but the constant rage would kill me.

That and I'm at a stage in my life where my tolerance for jumping through other people's hoops is very low.

4. Describe your superheropowered alter-ego.

(You've known me this long, and you still think I'd be a superhero?) Scion of Amber. The ability to manipulate probabilities would solve most of my existential issues, and think of the interesting (and literally magical) places I could visit.

5. What is your defining beverage?

Earl Grey tea, drunk from a half-liter stein. I am six kinds of beer snob (I like my beer the way I like my women--strong, full-bodied, and dark but not too bitter), but the thing I drink every day is tea.

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Nov. 26th, 2015 04:26 pm
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Died on this day in 1504 aged 53 Queen Isabella I of Castile (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Catherine who married Henry VIII. Isabella married Ferdinand of Aragon, bringing Castile and Aragon into personal union and paving the way for the later unification of all of Spain. In 1492 the paid for Columbus to find a route to the Indies by going West rather than East (which route was controlled by the Portugese), he found America instead; also they through the Jews out of the bits of Spain they controlled (because apparently everyone was always throwing the Jews out of places, because everyone sucks).

Born on this day in 1869 to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and Alexandra of Denmark, Maud of Wales (my toy,wikipedia). Daughter of Edward VII. She married a Prince of Denmark, who later became King of Norway after Norway decided that it didn't want to be in a union with Denmark anymore and voted to make him King (he was the younger son of the Danish crown prince). This made her the first Queen of Norway since the 14th century who was not also Queen of Denmark or Sweden (because Norway didn't get to be independent all that often...).


Nov. 26th, 2015 12:11 pm
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There are worse things than two separate people giving you flowers on your birthday even if one of them did it with nefarious intentions and then ran away giggling.

However. I only have one not very big vase.

There is a awfully nice bouquet now living in a pint glass. My mother must never know.


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