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Aug. 31st, 2016 01:17 pm
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after quite a lot of caffeine [i'd cut back for the last 4-5 days or so] and an intense workout, Im feeling much better [i'd also taken a break for 3 days from the gym, for various reasons]. Funny how that works.
In the past I've always tried to not be addicted to caffeine, but I guess I've just given up on that noble goal. Blah :P Ah well, at least it's legal?
Hoping to do another round of tomato processing today, if the stars align themselves properly...
Other than that, need to do more laundry and house cleaning [sigh], and hopefully find energy and time to study Thai and process photos.
Wish me luck and motivation ;)
I still owe people information on oils and vitamins. Really will try to get that written up today. It should not take long, I'm not even sure why it's been such a mental block for me. I also owe someone an attempt at some thoughts on how to meet people in berkeley springs. And I owe myself a bit of free thinking regarding immortal will I've been trying to put into words lately, inspired by someone who often encourages my brain to go off in spiralizing tangents that I enjoy just by putting some of her thoughts out into the ether. <3

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Aug. 30th, 2016 08:16 pm
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Some nights you just really have to make macaroni and cheese from scratch. NOM. (At least I cut the recipe in half, and I added sauteed onions in vermouth.)


Sonofabitch, I'm going to miss this President.

Nice essay here on Why English is so weird.

The NY Times on climbing monster Alex Honnold. At one level, free-soloing can be seen as the most extreme expression of the same progression: One generation aid-climbs a route, the next climbs it in record time, the next free-climbs it, then it's time for someone to climb it without ropes. But free-soloing is so much more dangerous and frightening, even to highly experienced climbers, that a vast majority want no part of it. [This article appears to have been posted before Dean Potter's death in Yosemite.]

Noted for later:

Biographical essay on Dorothy Sayers.

The Atlantic has an appreciation of Mary Bennett.

I'm impressed by the VeteransforKaepernick hashtag on Twitter. Good stuff.


Since I won't remember, I'll do my reading Wednesday now.

Just Finished: The Untold Tale by J. M. Frey. Billed as a meta-portal fantasy. What it was was a bog-standard portal fantasy adventure with a seriously dubious romance (dubious in the sense of dub-con) and a ton of awkward social-justice language, built around multiple two-dimensional characters. I could see a concept worth exploring there, but the execution was poor and I cannot recommend it.

Currently reading: I Capture the Castle because I'm in that kind of mood.

Next up: Probably An American Childhood.

I'm cranky the library has not yet come through with either the new Jemisin or the new Elliott. WTH, library! Gimme!


I'm most of the way through the first season of Wynonna Earp. Cannot say it's awesome: it has not caught me the way the first season of SPN did. But one thing I can say for it is that it has multiple female characters with different personalities, who all have their own roles to play in the plot. The Earp sisters are the most important characters in the show. But I could do without the tired love triangle/competition over Wynonna, and I don't find any of the male characters appealing in the least. They're all assholes, even when they're supposed to be the good guys.

Unless the last few episodes really turn the corner, I won't be watching the next season.

OTOH, Steven Universe is making me so happy.

I may give Stranger Things a try, although really I need to watch the 2nd season of Jane the Virgin.

And courtesy of the "beebs" extension on Chrome, I can watch GBBO as it airs! Plus The Chronicles of Nadiya, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Nadiya goes to Bangladesh to visit her family and cook, and it's pretty awesome.


Aug. 30th, 2016 10:57 pm
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today was better than yesterday, which is awesome.
still not amazing, but we shall see how it goes.
holding onto hope as per usual :P

found a really neat state run program that takes donated cars, fixes them up, and gives them to people who need them, as well as teaches them how to take care of them. so the Red Menace has gotten a new life again. I'm very pleased with that, was a great car, and should continue to rock and roll out in the world.
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"Here: Hug Your Own Adorable Eevee Build-A-Bear and Go Back to Sleep Until 2017". [The Mary Sue]

"Ryan Reynolds Paid to Have ‘Deadpool’ Writers on Set When Fox Wouldn’t".

"Criminal Minds promotes Paget Brewster to series regular". Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose?

"New Mutants Movie’s Lineup Revealed, Writers Announced".

"Never Underestimate the Power of Teenage Superheroes". [The Mary Sue]

"The main character of 'Star Trek: Discovery' is a callback to the original's pilot episode". [The Daily Dot]

"American Gods Will Have 'So Many' Digital Erections". [io9]

Social Justice

"I Won't Apologize for Having Fun While Chronically Ill". [The Mighty]

"Why You’ve Got to Stop the ‘Tough Love’ for Your Fat Friend’s Health". [Everyday Feminism]

"5 Messages I Really Needed (But Never Got) as a Queer Teenager". [Everyday Feminism]

"The Spectrum of Language". "United States mainstream culture promotes the idea that language is either “correct” or “incorrect” (in terms of grammar, spelling or pronunciation, word choice, and content). But language—along with everything else in this world—is so much more complex.

As a radical copyeditor and as someone who believes that words have incredible power for destruction, oppression, healing, liberation, and more, I understand language to exist on a spectrum from actively hateful to profoundly loving—and I strive to help people use language in the most life-affirming ways possible."


"These may be the most magnificent portraits of goats and sheep you’ll ever see".

"This man photographs Maine Coon cats and makes them look like majestic mythical beasts (Gallery)".

Via [ profile] jimhines, "Amazing Perseid Meteor Shower Photos of 2015".

"Victorian Wedding Fashion – 27 Stunning Vintage Photos of Brides Before 1900".

Cute Stuff

A blog post about encountering the Pallas’s Cat in the wild.

"This Goldendoodle Had The Greatest Vacation On Canada’s Majestic East Coast". [Buzzfeed]

"'All the dogs': Popular blogger The Dogist visits Nova Scotia".

"Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much? (18+ Pics)".

"Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat With Purrfectly Beautiful Fur".

Misc. linkspam

Aug. 30th, 2016 12:00 am
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Hold everything, there's a rom-com about the Obamas???? [ profile] china_shop linked to the trailer, and it looks wonderful.

News from this post on Tori Amos' Facebook page: "Tori will be releasing a new song on 9/9 called #Flicker for the important Netflix documentary #AudrieandDaisy which will premiere on 9/23. The documentary follows two cases of teenage sexual assault and subsequent social media shaming that made national news. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of #Flicker will go to RAINN."

"'I've done really bad things': The undercover cop who abandoned the war on drugs: Neil Woods used to risk his life to catch drug dealers. But as gangs responded with escalating violence and intimidation – some even poisoning users who talked to the police – he started to see legalisation as the only solution". [The Guardian]

"14 Game-Changing Products For Anyone Who Sucks At Doing Their Nails". [Buzzfeed]

"How I’m Embracing Femme In A Disabled Body". [Kayla Whaley ([ profile] PunkinOnWheels) at The Establishment]

"I Looked at my Body and Said Yes: Where Disability and Style Meet". [Autostraddle]

"Artist Suffering From Anxiety Illustrates Mental Illnesses As Real Monsters".

"How Not To Be Afraid Of Driving". [Maggie Stiefvater at Jalopnik] "My inability to feel fear in a measurable way is now often mistaken for genuine competence, and as such, I frequently get asked probing questions by my youthful readers. Top billing goes to “how can I do what you do for a living?” followed by “have you been in jail?” but after that is “how can I be less afraid of driving?”"

"Watership Down and the Power of Not-Quite-Appropriate Children’s Books" [Slate]

"All Mixed Up: What Do We Call People Of Multiple Backgrounds? In a country where the share of multiracial children has multiplied tenfold in the past 50 years, it's a good time to take stock of our shared vocabulary when it comes to describing Americans like me." [NPR]

"‘Mosaic Sushi’ Trend From Japan Turns Lunch Into Edible Works Of Art".

On Atlas Obscura:

--"Six Scientists Just Emerged from a Dome After a Year Simulating Life on Mars".

--"Hold These Tiny Crime Scenes in the Palm of Your Hand".

--"The Olympic Committee Spent Years Concern-Trolling Women About 'Wandering Wombs'".

--"Soccer's Ultimate Con Man Was a Superstar Who Couldn't Play the Game".

--"I Made a Shipwreck Expert Watch The Little Mermaid And Judge Its Nautical Merits".

--"Will We Ever Know Who Staged This Mysterious Moon Ballet?"


Aug. 29th, 2016 08:12 pm
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I had a nice weekend, but it was quite uneventful; and today was rather icky on many levels.

But I have hoped things will be better soon?

and that my head will hurt less.

General Update

Aug. 29th, 2016 02:17 pm
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I moved to Minneapolis (temporarily) for grad school.

So, yeah, that's the dominant thing occupying my thoughts right now! I'm also working on some cool IF projects, trying to drag my fanfic back to life, reassuring a travel-traumatized dog, and so forth. I want to get back into climbing. Would try to get back into crochet, but I didn't pack any of my hooks or yarn along, so that's not likely.

But mostly: moved to Minneapolis. Incoming grad school. Gonna be very busy.

Friday night mishmash post

Aug. 27th, 2016 12:18 am
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--It is way too humid. Not horribly hot, fortunately, but the humidity can GTFO any time now. Maybe tomorrow will be better on that front.

--Today's work was all fine-tuning and spot-checking and looking up flashbacks and final proofreads on a pair of very different scripts, and my brain is mulched. And that's not counting an awful lot of socialness afterwards--about as much as one can have without leaving the house or having an actual party. All of the socialness was good, mind you, but...mulch. Yeah.

--My haircut happened as planned on Wednesday, and it doesn't look all that different. Since we're now officially growing the bangs out, it was mostly a case of cutting the very back really short again and then shaping the rest a bit so as to lose as little length as possible. And then we booked my coloring appointment for just under a month from now! We've agreed to start with streaks/spatters/something of oil slick color because I'm growing my hair back to a bob, and she says that the color is very long-lasting, and dyeing all of my hair would make roots that much more obvious.

--Claudia's collar and tag are completely AWOL, and have been so for several days. We're very confused. I kind of expected them to turn up when we vacuumed a couple days ago, but nope. O_o So I guess we're gonna go get her a new set, and given that neither basic collars nor nametags are expensive, I may opt to get backups for both cats in case this happens again. She and Jinksy are indoor cats and all, but the thought of her/them getting out without a collar really freaks me out. :/

--And I know there was something else I was gonna mention, but it's gone. Poof.

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Aug. 26th, 2016 11:17 pm
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"A Fine Vintage: John Cho to Play Wine Con Man in New Television Show, Connoisseur". [The Mary Sue]

"Zoe Quinn’s next game is a Chuck Tingle FMV dating simulator".

Our friendly new neighborhood social media site (Imzy) has announced that it's now possible to make personal blogs there, not just communities. (Note: I've seen some discussion around DW about whether that's actually a good idea, given how Imzy works/will apparently work once it's out of beta, but I can't remember where, or whether the argument is against personal blogs as opposed to "personal communities" or against using the site as a blog at all, rather than entirely for community conversations.)

Personally, I haven't really poked around it all that much, but I did snag my name and made a "personal community".

[ profile] equinox_exchange is a new spring & autumn fanvid exchange. (Also [ profile] equinox_vids, [ profile] equinox-vids, and [ profile] equinox_vids.)


I'm not signing up personally (since I suspect I'd just get behind and frazzled about that), but [ profile] lunabee34 is hosting a letter-writing challenge.

"Nick Offerman on middle-aged sex and what people get wrong about Ron Swanson".

"Why ‘Menstruator’ Should Be in Your Vocabulary".

"Artist Leaves Dress In The Dead Sea For 2 Years And It Turns Into Glittering Salt Crystal Masterpiece".

"Dear Internet: It’s Time to Fix This Mess You Made". [Wired]

"WhatsApp to give users' phone numbers to Facebook for targeted ads: Messaging service will begin sharing private information with Facebook and is preparing to allow businesses to message users".

"“Monumental Knitting” Circle Comes to Quebec this Weekend".

"'Translucent' statues haunt British forest". [Boing Boing]

"Clever Tables That Create An Illusion Animals Are Emerging From Water".

"How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics". [Saladin Ahmed at Buzzfeed] [2014]

"bell hooks And The Extraordinary Power Of Names". [The Establishment]

and more sauce

Aug. 25th, 2016 01:47 pm
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Only ended up making 8 quarts of sauce from the tomatoes we got from Blox; went out this morning to another farm closer to the house, and got 50 pounds of heirloom tomatoes [I actually rather prefer Blox's health kick hybrid variety, as it's made for saucing and has extra lycopene in, as well as being delicious the plant is very hearty and disease resistant--but these were much closer to get to this morning], and backed into a thing, making me extra unhappy, though the car only has a scratch on the bumper. Anyone have any experience with patch kits? Considering it.
As I began reducing them down, discovered our exhaust fan was dying. This is hugely problematic in the summer heat, even when we are not trying to run the stove nigh constantly to make tomato sauce and can it.
So I skipped going to the gym today to deal with this new problem.
Hopefully soon Clark's will come out and install the new undercabinet range hood, with a promised much better fan. While researching these, Lowe's claims one should not use LED bulbs in range hoods designed for incandescent or halogen bulbs. No idea why, and it seems a bit sketchy, but they were adamant...does make one wonder.
Hopefully this install does not take long, so I can get back to working on saucing and canning [and exercise in the basement].

last night and this morning did go back to taking a superhuman amount of supplements [which i'd taken a few weeks off of for no real reason], and lo and behold, I have much more energy, am handling life better, am not wishing to just nap, etc. Have not tried to look at art yet though...
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New fic for the first time in...a while.

From Here, No Lines Are Drawn (3943 words) by umadoshi
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason
Characters: Shaun Mason, Georgia Mason
Additional Tags: POV First Person, Canon Disabled Character, Pre-Canon, Menarche, damage control, Codependency, inappropriately close siblings, being thirteen is hard, navigating adolescent gender conventions

"Goody," George said, trying not to sound embarrassed. She didn't do a great job of it. "Either I'm unexpectedly hemorrhaging to death, or I'm a woman now." She spat out Option B in the same snarky sing-song she'd used after the time we watched some ancient sex ed. videos for laughs, one of which had featured a serious middle-aged lady droning about the wonders of a girl's blossoming womanhood.

Before the Rising, getting your first period meant possible messiness, embarrassment, and inconvenience.

It's worse now.

(In which Shaun Mason, age thirteen, side-eyes other boys and snuggles his sister, who's having a very rough night/morning.)

Additional notes:
--Title from Tori Amos' "I Can't See New York".
--Beta work by [personal profile] wildpear.

You can also read the fic under the cut )

splat growl

Aug. 24th, 2016 03:38 pm
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Im currently drinking caffeine past my usual cut off point. This month's bleeding seems to be leeching my energy more than usual--or something. I am sad by this, but trying to get things done anyhow.

However I've especially had no energy for creative output of late, and that is deeply annoying. Just a few weeks ago, I was daily going through, cleaning up, and posting on Flickr various photos in my thousands upon thousands of ToBeDealtWith backlog. Now every time I try, just nothing. I hate everything I see, and cannot find the good to focus on. Hopefully this changes sooner rather than later.

I am missing being around people I love more than usual as well. I thought I'd gotten better about embracing being more solitary, but I don't know...seems to not be working this month.

I'm sure these things are all tied up together somehow.

Positive things: picked up a bunch of tomatoes from Blox yesterday, and now there is the first of this season's sauce slowly simmering on the stove to soon be canned. I'm guessing it will make about 12 quarts once it's done with reduced by about half.

Got a couple more sports tops, as some of my old one's are either too large to be supportive at current size, or time and washing has broken down their elastic and thus they are not supportive, or some combination of the two. This pleases me, even as I wish cuter athleisure clothing cost less. I have settled for functional, and not as cute as one could wish.
I am too easily pleased by new clothing. But in my defense, for the vast majority of my life, I've always bought used clothing, and am only now beginning to buy new as well as used; though usually through the grey market online, and at an extreme discount. Vain materialistic cat, etc. But ultimately, I'll take my joy where I can get it.

One negative side effect of Thai trip: I am not cutting or coloring my hair. It annoys me, but I know it's for the best, and I can do it again in just a couple months, when I get back. Nonetheless, I've not been this long without at least a quick head shave in years, and it's frustrating.
At least I know I still like this hair style....or at least, that I despise growing out my hair? Heh. Some combination perhaps.

Am thinking of figuring out how to crosspost these to LJ....

Also: really enjoying the cooler weather, and not looking forward to things heating up again soon.

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Aug. 24th, 2016 12:02 am
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i was on vacation a while (two of them!) and that was mostly great (the first better than the second but still i was lucky to do any of it) but now i'm back trying to focus on the real world.

i have long term... maybe not plans yet, but goals as a result of one of those trips, and i'm floundering on how to get going some. i've been poking at my resume, and will also be poking at linkedin, but there's always the question of "how good is good enough?" because perfect isn't happening. i'm hoping linkedin will at least give me ideas for holes in my resume itself, and the rest of the extra details i can keep there, but who knows.

it's past midnight, a relative died monday, and i have to get out working in the sun later this morning even though i've been emotionally done with summer since june. i think any coherency is gone right now.


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