UK general election stuff

Apr. 26th, 2017 06:15 pm
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If you're not registered to vote, or know people who aren't, or simply wish to spam your social media with this handy link to register:

You have to be registered by the 22nd May to vote in the election on the 8th June.

A lot of people, especially young people, seem to be registering. This is a good thing.

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Apr. 25th, 2017 10:06 pm
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My not-descent into hockey fic continues. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Laugh it up.

It's Only Noise (5092 words) by thedeadparrot
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeff Carter/Mike Richards
Characters: Mike Richards, Jeff Carter
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Pacific Rim Fusion, Career Ending Injuries, Recovery
Series: Part 2 of Living in Salt

Pacific Rim AU. Mike POV companion piece to Living in Salt. Mike works through his issues by talking to everyone except his co-pilot.

this burning desire (2386 words) by thedeadparrot
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeff Carter/Mike Richards
Characters: Jeff Carter, Mike Richards
Additional Tags: Humiliation kink, Slut Shaming

Jeff likes being humiliated. Mike doesn't really get it, but he's willing to go along with it anyway.

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where war is no more Chapter 1 of 3 (753 words) by silveronthetree
(Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008). General Audiences. Obi-Wan Kenobi/Satine Kryze, Luke Skywalker. AU. Satine lives AU)
Obi-Wan needs a disguise and Satine just wishes he would smile again.

AU where Satine survives and Obi-Wan goes on the run with her and Luke after Order 66.

I posted a story that isn't for a fic exchange! I believe the last time I did that was back in 2012. It's technically my first wip, although I think this bit also works as a standalone.
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Because I was looking for dance things on YouTube the other day and was reminded of this -- here's the "Believe" dance from DV8 Physical Theatre's The Cost of Living:

The second piece in that clip doesn't (IMHO) work as well out of context, but it reminded me of the awesomeness of David Toole -- I went looking and found a whole short piece he did with the mighty CandoCo Dance Company. It is very '90s modern dance TV, and I say this with love (everyone wears shift dresses and big boots, etc.), but it will meet your queer disability-inclusive sexay tango needs:

CandoCo: Outside In
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Tomorrow I head to the office and I'm already behind on emails and comment replies. o_o At least I got a decent chunk of work done today, and spent the latter half of the evening curled up with The Obelisk Gate and Jinksy.

In lieu of a real post, linkspam.

Fannish/Geeky Things

I've yet to read or see any of The Expanse, but for those who have, [ profile] kayim just launched [ profile] rocinante.

Fox is bringing us another round of The X-Files (ten episodes this time). I... I don't think I can do this again. I'll keep an ear out and see what those who do watch it think, and I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised, but after how appallingly awful last year's new eps. were, I doubt I'll be touching this without some strong recommendations.

From that link, I skimmed through "Fall TV pilots 2017: The full list". Let's see. I assume I'll give Inhumans a try (barring Iron Fist levels of nearly everyone recoiling in horror as soon as the advance reviews/reactions started); S.W.A.T. doesn't sound like my thing, but FYI for Criminal Minds fans, Shemar Moore's headlining it (and EW staff writer, your blurb is literally two sentences. How did no one notice that the first sentence begins with "Inspired by the film of the same name" and the second sentence, in its entirety, reads "Inspired by the film of the same name"?); Alan Cumming being the lead in Instinct could be enough to tempt me into giving that a shot, although it likewise doesn't really sound up my alley; Untitled Marvel Action-Adventure Series stars Amy Acker, so that's a no-brainer for me; and Reverie has Sarah Shahi and sounds potentially interesting (Sendhil Ramamurthy is in the cast too, if that's of interest).

"Mike Colter Describes Jessica Jones Season Two As “Dark And Heavy”".

Via the link above, "Kevin Feige Doesn’t Know If The MCU Will Get A Phase 4".


Via [ profile] sovay, a website of photos of naked actors (mostly British) posing with fish. Here is Gillian Anderson wearing an eel.

"PHOTOS: Your Pics of California’s ‘Super Bloom’".

"Colourised Pics Of Russia’s Female Snipers Who Terrorised Nazis, Including “Lady Death” With 309 Kills".


"The Snarling Girl: Notes on—and against—ambition". [Elisa Albert on Hazlitt] Wow, I really liked this.

"EFF Releases Spying on Students Ed Tech Report: EFF Survey Reveals Gaps in Protecting the Privacy of K-12 Students Using School-Issued Devices and Cloud Apps". [Electronic Frontier Foundation] (Note: I haven't read the actual report, just the overview here.)

"Trans Singer Records Duet With Himself Pre And Post Transition".

"Londoners’ delight as world’s first crow café comes to capital".


Via [ profile] cofax7, "31 Vintage Posters That Demand You Pick Up a Book". [LitHub]

"How to Become a Deadly Misandrist Fairy Vampire" [Autostraddle]

"A dad took his 2-year-old's most memorable words and illustrated them beautifully".


Apr. 24th, 2017 06:36 pm
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I have a lot of feelings about this show, most of them negative. It's so well-made, but it also feels hollow. Maybe that is an apt metaphor, considering the subject matter.

The visuals are gorgeous. The production values are top notch. The acting is great. The writing, for the most part, is even... good? But. But. I kind of still hated it?

My thoughts are pretty scattered, but here are some of them in list form.

Spoilers ahead. )


Apr. 24th, 2017 08:31 am
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Last Friday, Hope Not Hate filed their libel claim against Nigel Farage.

If you have any spare money you can afford to donate, you can help:

Honestly, I can't imagine anything nicer than watching Farage suffer in court and thinking "yes, I helped make that happen."

notes to self

Apr. 23rd, 2017 11:26 pm
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This post is super notes to self documenting my reaction to a medication I'm stopping. Poop related TMI at the end.

Read more... )

Sunday-night mishmash post

Apr. 24th, 2017 12:07 am
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--Tori Amos has announced a new album and European-so-far tour for this fall! (In related not-really-news, I just made a Dreamwidth feed for the Undented news site at [ profile] undented_feed.)

--Another link: for the YOI fans, [ profile] yurionicefans is a shiny new community.

--[ profile] Becca_Smash, who's a longtime manga/comics editor and rewriter as well as one of the fine folks behind Sparkler Monthly/Chromatic Press, is currently looking for freelance comic copyediting work. If you have any interest, check out her thread of info here.

--Casual Job starts back up on Tuesday, and I haven't done any work at all to psych myself up for it; the odds of it being extremely (and for my wallet, painfully) short are very high, so I'm...sort of bracing myself for the financial shortfall this year (especially since we can't count on the fall session being very long) by telling myself "Well, the lack of income will obviously SUCK, but at least your routine won't get terribly disrupted."

--For lunch today, [ profile] scruloose, Ginny, Kas, and I went back to Happy Veal, the hotpot place we tried last weekend, in order to try their only-available-at-lunchtime dumplings. Verdict: the dumplings are very tasty; I think our conclusion overall was that this place and the dumpling spot in the downtown core have different strengths in their dumplings. Happy Veal, though, is only the second place in town I've had green onion pancakes, and they are so good; also, at some times (maybe when the weather's warmer?) they have bubble tea, and I tell you, if the bubble tea is good, just going in for that and green onion pancake would seems like an excellent life choice to me.

--I'm in serious need (which I'm only reluctantly acknowledging) of pruning my manga collection, which should include trying to finally figure out something sensible to do with the Japanese editions of series that I've finished working on (and which don't, AFAIK, have sequels or anything for which I might want to keep them on hand for reference in case of any future licensing). I have some tankos that I want to keep entirely for my own sake--especially the full runs of Fruits Basket and X--but generally speaking, the Japanese volumes are of no use to me once the respective series are finished in English.

A couple of garden things!

I keep adding to my Pinterest board, and I keep rummaging around the Veseys site (which apparently doesn't have a wishlist feature! I made an account entirely because I was hoping for a wishlist!), and among the countless things I'm unsure of, I'm not entirely sure what to do in terms of planning. I'm going to try to avoid being overambitious this year, and I really don't want to get carried away and start ordering a ton of stuff online, so I think the best thing to do is probably to mostly wait and hit up Halifax Seed when they start having plants in for the season, and see what comes together from that. But since I don't have any sense of what they'll have, that drastically limits my planning options. :/ (Plus if there're perennials that don't bloom until their second year and I can't get them there this year, waiting until next year to get them sounds frustrating.)

Dreams of lilacs have made me want to check in with our neighbor on the side where we don't have a lilac and ask how they feel about lilacs. If they're neutral or positive, then we could go back to the board and ask about putting a second one in on that side of our little patch of ground. For lo, Veseys is tempting me with this Bloomerang (!) variety. The color is lovely, and the description brags that it "not only blooms in the spring - it 'blommerangs' with new flowers from mid-summer right up until frost." *grabby hands*

(Dear heaven, these people need a copyeditor for their site. Think I could trade my skills for plants?)

Fuck me, my anxiety levels are up ...

Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:40 am
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I had SO much trouble getting to sleep last night, which is definitely not like me. I usually drop like a fucking stone. (sigh)

Tomorrow is all the pre-op appointment stuff, and I think my brain has decided to just have a fucking general freak out over everything.

I do have a med for anxiety, so I think I'll have to increase the dose slightly to get over the hump with this.

Once the surgery is done, I'll be fine again.

In the good news column, the Rangers beat the Canadiens last night and are moving on in the playoffs. This makes me happy. It was a hell of a game. I do love me some Rangers.

Now if the Maple Leafs will beat the Capitals, I'll be happy. (I really, really hate the Capitals.)

Today I'm doing laundry and Pat is off cycling. I don't know if I'll manage to achieve anything else constructive, but we'll see.

White Rim 2017

Apr. 22nd, 2017 02:58 pm
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Our friends Ryan and Steve organized a White Rim trip again this year, and this time we were the only other people on it. (We did it with them last year, and also in 2013. We also did it twice in the 1990s with friends from Boulder, where we lived then.)

Ilana at top of Mineral Bottom switchbacks

Read more! See more pictures! And there's even a linked map! )

Or just look at the Flickr album.

I'm growing a pineapple!

Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:52 am
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If you have instagram, you can see it here:

Yep, about three years ago (maybe longer) I took the top of a pineapple we'd bought and put it on top of the dirt in a pot outside with my plants. It grew. It kept getting bigger. It was cool, and I left it alone. I covered it when it got cold, as I do several other plants in that corner.

Lo and behold this week, I discover it's growing a pineapple! I didn't think it would do that! So I'm very excited and pleased about that.

I saw my friend Patti for lunch yesterday and had a good time catching up with her.

Pat and I took a long nap in the afternoon.

The Maple Leafs lost to the hated Capitals in overtime. Boo-hiss.

Today? I don't know. I know it's Earth Day and the March for Science day, but I'm peopled out this week. Yesterday at lunch the noise of one woman at the table next to us had me cringing. I think I just need to take a break from everything, so I'm going to spend the day reading and writing and hopefully having some quiet.

Hit the ground running

Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:32 am
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So yeah, I don't imagine we are headed for anything except a Tory victory (yes, we could theoretically get another freaky none-of-the-polls-predicted-this result, but that would be too damn nice of the universe).

But anything we can do to limit their power and make it hard for them to claim an absolute mandate will help limit the damage. And we can also try to stomp on UKIP's attempts to creep in around the margins.

Google Docs: How To Vote To Stop The Tories (see the FAQ for notes explaining how and why particular choices were made)

Note: Wikipedia gives details of past election results in your constituency, so you can verify and also look at exact details.

Local elections are on May 4, and are important in themselves as well as an indicator of which ways the political winds are blowing. And fewer people vote in them.

Hope Not Hate have a fresh new website and an election fund to fight far-right candidates in any constituency they might have a chance of winning. They are really good at this and have pissed off UKIP no end.

Vote. Make your friends vote. Make everyone you know vote. If nothing else, it's good practice. One day it may matter.

Friday evening linkspam

Apr. 21st, 2017 10:26 pm
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Yum: roasted rhubarb wine compote. Time to buy some rhubarb...

This is a super creative (and surprisingly bloody) animated short.

Community planning needs more people like this, looking at diverse and under-represented communities.

A long profile on Alec Baldwin as Trump.

These posters are awesome.

Word of the day: Abydocomist -- One who brags about their lies. Other fab Old English insults can be found here.

Holy crap, this is too awesome for words: an automated conlang generator. . (I'm sure it's not up to the standards of something created by an actual linguist, but for many purposes, it would be great.)

Also holy crap awesome: Carmen Cusack doing "You'll Be Back". So great. Oh, and check it out: LMM and Raul Esparza singing Anita & Maria in West Side Story. . That's really lovely, actually.


I have the feeling we're at Peak Television. And that soon there will be a bubble. Which is my justification for not really watching much tv right now: I figure there will be enough for years to come.

Tonight I'm catching up on Homefires, which is a drama set in an English village at the beginning of WWII. It's not really surprising or creative, but there's some great cast members and heart-warming bits. Also, for Code Name Verity fans, it looks like the one lesbian character might decide to go for pilot's training...

I need to get back to The 100 and Underground. One of these days...

Formalized mathematics

Apr. 21st, 2017 05:09 pm
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Now reading Freek Wiedijk's comparison of seventeen computational proof assistant systems: (1) HOL, (2) Mizar, (3) PVS, (4) Coq, (5) Otter/Ivy, (6) Isabelle/Isar, (7) Alfa/Agda, (8) ACL2, (9) PhoX, (10) IMPS, (11) Metamath, (12) Theorema, (13) Lego, (14) Nuprl, (15) Ωmega, (16) B method, and (17) Minlog.
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Here's a ridiculous (freelance) work-related thing: when I'm in a position to read ahead of the volume I'm working on, it basically never occurs to me as something I can do.* So often I'm either working on a series where the English release isn't far behind the Japanese (however it seems to readers, what with the months of production time on our end), so there isn't much material past what I'm working on, or else there are a bunch of Japanese volumes out but I don't yet have the hard copies and/or the translations.

Today I clued in that right now I have the books and translations for the next two volumes of Yona of the Dawn past the one I'm working on. I can them. *starry eyes*

*I'm pretty neutral on the topic of scans in general, but for series I'm working on, I especially try to steer clear of anything that might influence my own phrasing in an adaptation. I don't think it's actually a huge risk, but between my own anxiety and the worry of readers ever thinking "Hey, these two versions of [line/thing] sound similar! Someone MUST HAVE COPIED!", I'm just not up for it. That latter isn't something I've seen much of, but I have seen it, albeit usually in contexts where someone's amazed, just AMAZED, that two people might phrase something similarly. [As you might assume if you actually think about it, similar wordings often aren't surprising at all. A lot of simple lines really have one or two basic/obvious phrasings.]

Related tangential note: I still haven't read the Crunchyroll version of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, which I've been meaning to do ever since I finished the Seven Seas adaptation. Biscuit Hammer is one of my favorite titles that I've ever worked on, so I'm really curious! And someday I'll be in a position to read the Crunchyroll version of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, which is an interesting thought on two levels--the same curiosity, and the fact that a friend is doing that adaptation. (She hasn't read my version either, AFAIK.)

Totally different note: I personally steer clear of reviews of things I haven't read/seen (in general, I mean; that's not a professional comment), which also means I don't tend to link to reviews of things I've worked on unless it's for a first volume, but I really enjoy [ profile] seangaffney's reviews at Manga Bookshelf. (He's a friend, if you don't know.) And the beginning of his review of Yona 5, which I quite like, gives a bit of thematic info about the series, if any of you are curious. (This paragraph isn't what you'd call spoilery, but I'll quote it under a cut anyway.) one paragraph under here )

--I have two small batches of pics to upload to [ profile] jinksyandthebrain. (Noting for "self, post the damn cat pictures already!" accountability purposes.)

--Since I've been talking about garden things: do the gardeners among you all know that [ profile] gardening exists? It's not super-active, but of course it could always be made more so. ^_- (And there've been a couple of posts this week!)

--I forgot to mention this last night: when we were talking with the condo board president, I told her about my dreams of not killing growing tomatoes, and she mentioned that she eats them with a sprinkling of sugar. Neither [ profile] scruloose or I had ever heard/thought of doing that (he eats them with a dash of salt), so now I'm wondering how widespread it is. Anyone? (I told her it reminded me of hearing that people eat watermelon with a bit of salt, which I keep meaning to try, but I don't actually eat watermelon that often, much as I enjoy it.)

--This evening was completely lost to another round of "sat down on the sofa to read and instead fell asleep before even opening the book". Crap.


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