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Apr. 28th, 2016 11:02 pm
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So, yet another delayed compilation.

Argh, yes, this a thousand times. When I picked up my last bicycle, the guy in the shop kept steering me towards the pink and purple helmets, and it was like pulling teeth to get a black one to try on.

Oh, yeah: 33 Things I hate about this Election. SO TRUE.

This is one of the most amazing/horrifying stories I've seen recently. I guess this is how conspiracy theorists get made?

This article about bassist Carol Kaye reminds me I need to watch that documentary about The Wrecking Crew (even if that wasn't really their name!).

OMG this looks like the best thing ever. Daveed Diggs as Hobbes! ::loves::

Chernobyl, 30 years later. Jeez.


In other news, I finally watched Steven Universe and OMG Peridot is basically Rodney McKay. ::facepalm:: Anyway, how long until the next season? I am totally hooked.

I also watched Over the Garden Wall last weekend, and that was lovely.

I'm also finally watching Man in the High Castle and it's pretty interesting, even if I can't quite tell what's going on half the time. I think a lot of spycraft is too subtle for me. (I would be a terrible espionage agent, I'm just saying.)

ok, and now to bed.

Miscellaneous linkspam

Apr. 28th, 2016 11:04 pm
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"How to identify any language at a glance". (By which it means languages written in the Latin alphabet.)

"These Gloves Translate Sign Language Into Text or Speech". [Mental Floss]

"Top 10 Grammar Myths". [Mental Floss]

"The Best Board Games for Developing Valuable Real-Life Skills". [Lifehacker]

"Food Photographer of the Year 2016". [BBC]

"10 Fascinating Facts About the Evolution of Dating and Courtship". [Mental Floss]

"Watch a Japanese Man Play 'Amazing Grace' on a Cabbage: Junji Koyama makes musical instruments out of vegetables." [Atlas Obscura]

At Everyday Feminism:

--"5 Ways to Maintain Your Queer Identity in a Relationship People Read as Straight".

--"5 Assumptions Behind the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ That Are Actually Really Ableist".

--"Sociopaths, Borderlines, and Psychotics: 3 Mental Illnesses We Must Stop Hating On".

--"6 Ways I Was Taught to Be a Good Fatty (And Why I Stopped)".

On The Toast:

--"“Everyone But Cis Men”: Creating Better Safe Spaces for LGBT People".

--"People In Tiny Houses Can’t Have Sex".

--"As A Father Of Daughters, I Think We Should Treat All Women Like My Daughters". "It didn’t always used to be this way. I used to only have sons. Things sure were different then. How merrily I used to drive down country lanes in my old Ford, periodically dodging off-road to mow down female pedestrians (you must remember I had no daughters then). Was what I did wrong? How was I to know? I had no daughters to think of."

--"“Yet I’ll Speak”: Othello’s Emilia, A Rebuke to Female Silence". "Coleridge may have argued, in praising the docility of Desdemona’s death, that Shakespeare knew it was the perfection of a woman to be characterless, but Shakespeare himself contradicts this assertion in his depiction of Emilia. In fact, the strength of Emilia’s rage loomed so large in the Victorian imagination that her part was severely cut in most productions, for fear she would overshadow the title character in the last act of the play."

On RocketNews24:

--"Interactive online map of Kyoto lets you toggle between modern day and the 9th century".

--"JR East to introduce numbering system at all stations in Tokyo".

--"The women’s wrestling league in Japan is way more intense than WWE".

--"Every Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever, all in one place at awesome Tokyo train station display 【Photos】".
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--I think I'm finally resigned to the notion that 2D Civil War tickets won't be on sale until next week, just like most movies opening that weekend. (Resigned, but not pleased. >.<)

--In happier ticket-related news, Metric are playing the Halifax Jazz Festival in July and [ profile] scruloose and I decided to go. (I waffled, because I don't know if/how much I'll like their music live, and more significantly, being out among throngs of people in Halifax, specifically, often sets off my anxiety. But I figured I'd rather go and risk not not loving it than skip the concert and regret it afterwards. So.) My familiarity with Metric's catalogue is extremely erratic--I know Fortunes pretty well, and some of Synthetica and some of Pagans in Vegas, and that's about it. Guess I should brush up.

--Sometimes one needs a little happy place to retreat to while at work (other than KittenCam, which may go without saying). Today mine was having this pic from [ profile] StitchersTV open in a tab at work and blithely ignoring that it's Stitchers because Scags is wearing a perfectly lovely Georgia Mason-appropriate expression in that shot. *wistful*

--On the gleeful-dorks front, Ginny, [ profile] wildpear, and I ordered Murder Squash Song shirts from Maggie Stiefvater's Society6 page. (And we really lucked out with the timing, because yesterday I reminded Ginny that the shirts existed and weren't black-only [alas, not black at all, nor rich colors, which would've made me and [ profile] wildpear much happier; neither of us were able to find a color we loved, but wanted the shirts anyway], and then it turned out that, yesterday only, the shirts were on sale and had free international shipping.)

Reading Wednesday

Apr. 27th, 2016 04:48 pm
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read: collapse (Diamond). Interesting case studies but very repetitive analysis imo

Reading: Cut ( This is not a pleasant read.

This is a thing that is good

Apr. 27th, 2016 08:24 am
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Manchester Asda introduces 'quiet hour' to help autistic shoppers

N.B. Despite the headline, it's not directed at autistic shoppers alone, but anyone who has difficulty with noise and disturbance.

(And how nice that the guy pioneering it is someone who knows about the problem first-hand from his experiences with anxiety, and is willing to be out about that.)

It still wouldn't solve some problems (like fluorescent lighting), and also it's at 8am when some of us are not capable of being human, but god, what a step in the right direction that people are actually thinking about this shit.

Evening update

Apr. 25th, 2016 11:46 pm
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--Ginny and I got to share a cab home tonight! In the fall session at Casual Job, the transcribers basically always finish an hour or so ahead of the proofreaders, so that had never happened before. It may well happen again this session, since the differences between spring and fall work increase our odds of finishing at the same time. ^_^

--There was a bit of wordplay that I was stuck on in the chunk of adaptation work I need to have in on Wednesday (which really means "tomorrow before work", because on Wednesdays Casual Job eats the entire day), and I was describing it to Ginny on the ride home, and voila! I had one of those wonderful moments where talking it out aloud made my brain come at it differently, and I think I have a workable pun now. Yay!

--I think I need to switch to (or at least start using) SpiderOak or something, because the lack of a functional desktop widget for Dropbox on Linux is getting more annoying all the time. :/ And while technically I did hear back from Dropbox about it, their answer boiled down to "that's what you get for using an OS that we're going to (wrongly) claim is too outdated-or-something for the widget to work, and it sucks to be you".

--When I got home, I came up to my office to see if my files had synced quickly enough with Hardison back in the house that I could switch him off immediately, and Jinksy followed me in and promptly found a spider on the ceiling for me. He was very excited. I was not. >.< (I can just barely catch a spider off the upstairs ceilings with our low stool and a wine glass, although it's a precarious reach and I'm always nervous about the spider making a dash for it. *shudders* But I caught it, and then [ profile] scruloose got home and took it outside.)
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Fandom/Geeky Things

"Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary": "The Complete Walk is set to be an enthralling project, featuring some of the country’s finest actors—Peter Capaldi, Dominic West, Hayley Atwell, James Norton and Olivia Williams—each performing a section of one of Shakespeare’s 37 plays. Vanity Fair UK spoke with Hayley Atwell about her performance as Imogen in Cymbeline: a tale of love, longing and betrayal."

Via [ profile] ladybusiness, Mark Oshiro (from Mark Reads/Watches/Plays) wrote "Closing the Gap: The Blurring of Fan and Professional".

I don't remember how I came across this interview from just before season 4.5 of Warehouse 13 started up, but it's a lot of fun: "Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly talk “Warehouse 13,” Bering and Wells, and Nerdsbians". [AfterEllen]

"This Year’s Eisner-Nominated Manga Shows What the Medium Can Do". [Brigid Alverson at Barnes and Noble]

"It’s Not That Simple: Diversity and Comic Book Sales". [Panels]

"This Is How Different “Game Of Thrones Actors” Actually Look In Real Life". [Buzzfeed]

"I Saw Carrie Fisher Speak About Mental Illness, Spirituality and Star Wars at Harvard". [The Mary Sue]


"Hong Kong’s overwhelming urban density—captured from a drone".

"Working Moms Breastfeed In Uniform In Stunning Photos".

"Photographs of Old Japan’s Glorious Art of Soba Delivery".

"These Photos Show Trans And Gender Diverse Kids As They Want To Be Seen". [Buzzfeed]


"The ‘Birdman’ of Chennai Feeds Up to 4,000 Wild Green Parakeets Daily from His Home".

"Pits of Robotic Sea Snakes Will Lurk at Offshore Drilling Sites".

"Online abuse: how women are fighting back: With the world only half paying attention to online threats, women are rising up to help each other, from strategy to support". [The Guardian]

This appears to be U.K.-specific: "Long-term Netflix users face automatic 25% price hike – here's how to avoid it".

"How Black People Are Being Shut Out of America's Weed Boom: Black Americans were disproportionately targeted in the “war on drugs.” Now state laws and steep regulatory costs have left them far more likely to be shut out of America’s profitable marijuana boom". [Buzzfeed]

"How Certain English Words Were Misheard So Many Times That the Mistaken Version Became Correct". (I haven't actually watched the video, just read the blurb.)

"A generation of artists were wiped out by Aids and we barely talk about it". [The Guardian]
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Today I rewrote a really big chunk of the manga volume due Monday (thankfully for both my brain and my nerves, this translator's scripts are really easy for me to work with, and I love the series, so knuckling down that hard was about as painless as possible), watched an episode of The Americans with [ profile] scruloose over dinner (we're on the last disc of season 1), and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa until nearly 10 PM.

Tab/link-wrangling is all I've had the brain for in the interval between then and now, so have some linkspam before I go fall back down, this time in bed. (I have earned tasty dim sum tomorrow, I tell you what.)

"Aziz Ansari Goes to India: The actor and comedian was raised in the American South on a diet of spicy curry and fried chicken. Hoping to make sense of his place in the world, he returned to his roots, and let his stomach lead the way".

"They called it 'the worst job in the world' – my life as a Guardian moderator". [The Guardian]

"Roman villa unearthed 'by chance' in Wiltshire garden". [BBC]

"A Graphic Guide to Cemetery Symbolism". [Atlas Obscura, 2014]

"The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything". [NPR, 2011]

"Basic mammal maintenance, or How to be nice to yourself". [The Fat Nutritionist]

"This Rainbow Cheese Toastie Is Here To Change The Way You See The World". [Buzzfeed]

"‘Badass Indian Pinups’ Artist Nimisha Bhanot Talks Art, Identity and Female Empowerment". [Brown Girl Magazine]

"The Fight To End Period Shaming Is Going Mainstream ". [Newsweek] [Note: wholly cis-focused.] Includes a lot of info on the history of menstrual products/management.

"Harriet Tubman's Perfect Record: Brains and Opium on the Underground Railroad". [Mental Floss]

"How Do Postal Workers Decipher Really Sloppy Handwriting?" [Mental Floss] "If you’re a sloppy scribbler, don’t feel too guilty. Your poor penmanship makes you a job creator!"

"Cute and cuddly dolphins are secretly murderers: Dolphins are clever and sociable, but they also have a dark side that will make your hair stand on end". [BBC] ("Cuddly"?)

"Japanese Beauty – Seiichi Hayashi Art Book Review".

I haven't actually watched this, so I can't vouch for it, but for the Springsteen fans: "Watch Bruce Springsteen Sing “Thunder Road” Through the Years in This Moving Supercut".

"Finding Love Again, This Time With a Man". [Harris Wofford, a 90-year-old former US senator, at The New York Times Opinion]

"Why I Write Scary Stories for Children". [N.D. Wilson at The Atlantic]

Via [ profile] st_aurafina, "This Took Forever" woven labels for the knitters and weavers and other crafters among you. "We've all made projects that we thought would never make it to the "done" pile, and this is the perfect label for them. The message says it all, "THIS TOOK FOREVER." So keep slogging away and finish that UFO, if only to put this cute little label on it."

Via [ profile] newredshoes, "What is Buzzfeed, really? Defining a phenomenon that resists classification".

Via [ profile] oursin, "Archivist talks documenting leather, S&M and fetishism history".

Things I Like: The Gods Of Gotham

Apr. 22nd, 2016 12:52 pm
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When I read Lyndsay Faye's new book, Jane Steele, I found it so brilliant I promptly went out and looked up more books by the same author. The Gods Of Gotham is one of her earlier books, and it's not brilliant: it's merely excellent.

It's antebellum New York City, and Timothy Wilde is, through no fault of his own, strong-armed into becoming part of the brand new police service in the city, in one of the worst precincts available. (He has a rather rocky relationship with his brother Valentine, who's behind the idea.) He promptly runs into a runaway little girl covered in blood, which turns into a murder and conspiracy mystery involving a lot of grim topics: child prostitution, serial murder, poverty and abuse and racism and anti-Catholic/-Irish sentiment (I'm not sure what 'bigotry on the basis of religion' is called, so I'm lumping it into racism for now), political corruption and riots and lynchings and...

...and yet, this meticulously researched historical murder mystery isn't grimdark. It's a lot of fun. Oh, the dark topics are taken quite seriously, but much like with Jane Steele, the lively protagonist voice does wonders for keeping the reader on an even keel through some really grim topics. Things are terrible; he does his best; even some of the terrible people have moments of kindness, and some of the kindest people can do terrible things. I found the picture of the city and the characters more engaging than the mystery itself (which I had half-solved well before the protagonist simply because of conservation of characters), but it's a damn good book. I've got the sequel, Seven for a Secret, sitting in front of me right now, and as soon as I finish writing this I'm going to crack the cover and try it out.
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--The weather for today and tomorrow looks to be gorgeous, and even in Nova Scotia, the next-day forecast is generally at least an indicator of what we'll actually get. Forecast high of 16°C today and 18°C tomorrow! (61°F and 64°F.) Currently 8°C (at 10 AM) and very sunny. ^_^ I won't be outside much, if at all, other than going to and from work, but it's still great, even if the forecast highs for the next several days then drop significantly.

--As often happens when Casual Job is on, I shifted from "gotta keep an eye on those incoming deadlines" to "HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE SOON AND I'M SCARED". >.> The thing about Casual Job that makes it hardest to get other things done isn't so much the hours as the unpredictability of them. I can't mentally set aside/look forward to times when I can get other things done, except on weekends. (I won't know until tomorrow if I'm working at all on Monday--precedent says probably, so I'm assuming I will, to be safe, but I might not.) So there's gonna be a lot of work that needs doing this weekend.

(I have a full rewrite due Monday [~1/5 done] and 1/4 of another due Wednesday [not started; I just turned in the first 1/4 of that book a a couple days ago].)

(I doubt anyone's keeping track, but for the record: Tuesday was 7.5 hours in the office. Yesterday was 12. Today I start at 1, and I'd guess I'll finish between 8-10, but I could finish at 7 or so, or sometimes after midnight. Whee!)

--Since [ profile] scruloose and I only have his parents' car for another week or so (until the end of the month), I might shamelessly bribe myself to get lots done on Saturday by maybe going for dim sum again on Sunday. (It's not that we can't go without car access of our own--Kas is extremely generous with giving rides, and is part of a huge proportion of our social stuff--but if I can manipulate myself into getting more work done, you bet I will.)

--This week Jinksy's been spending huge amounts of time in [ profile] scruloose's clean laundry basket. Not coming in to hang out with me in my office (with or without snuggling on my lap for a bit when he first comes in) is sad for me but not that surprising; Jinksy loves me, but [ profile] scruloose is HIS MONKEY. But he seems to be spending most of the night in the basket too, rather than sleeping on [ profile] scruloose's feet. Cats are odd.

--Now, having dashed off this entry, time to hit the shower and see if I can get fit in any rewriting between getting dressed and leaving for the office. I'm keeping up on reading posts, but (as I'll undoubtedly say repetitively between now and Casual Job wrapping up for the season) am already slow about commenting (or not getting to it).

NiF + the female gaze

Apr. 20th, 2016 10:00 pm
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This post is going to be more on Nirvana in Fire, what else! (For those of you who haven't watched, i.e. the majority of my flist, you'll either have to get into this series with me, or learn to ignore my posts, because I do not see myself getting over this anytime soon.)

(1) This series contains a lot of tropes I love, and that I rarely see outside of fanfiction.

Most times, even when I connect with fictional characters, it is because of things the writer(s) did incidentally, and I have to overlook the writer's intention, selectively filter/ignore major plot points, and the character's intended use, in order to keep on being a fan. And it is so refreshing to not have to twist myself into pretzels in that fashion! To have a competently plotted and cohesively themed and show-stoppingly gorgeous series, where the author deliberately caters to what I find appealing. (Which isn't to say it doesn't have faults! And there are episodes that I will forever keep skipping because they are that deathly dull. But still, that the majority doesn't, is fun and gripping and amazing, is so rare for me.)

NiF wasn't published in the traditional way. It began as a serial fic on Chinese bulletin boards, and the author, Hai Yan, is also the one who penned the screenplay. And I think this plays into why the story just seems to breathe more. It wasn't written for/by the privileged, predominantly male, gatekeepers who usually, in a very heavy-handed fashion, dictate what should be seen and popularized and what shouldn't. The audience that Hai Yan was writing for was other Chinese BB fans like her.

(2) I previously compared this to The Lymond Chronicles because (a) both contain brilliantly clever main characters that actually are brilliantly clever; (b) there is more left unsaid than said -- some of the most important undercurrents remain just that, undercurrents, and there are often hidden layers of meaning under even the simplest scenes and conversations. But most of all, (c) it's one of the rare times, outside of fanfic, that I've come across a popular "serious" story that's had such a marked, unapologetic female gaze (and here I'm including stories written by both men and women).

For example, the main character, the brilliant, elusive Mei Chang Su, is largely coded as female. The series opens with two princes essentially trying to woo him to their side, showering him with attention and gifts, because they are interested in owning his ~~beautiful mind~~. It is understood by everyone that he is not allowed to say no, to not belong to one of them. He is by far the weakest physical character in the series, and constantly has to be protected and looked after by those around him. And of course, when he was younger, he was the exact opposite, and now he has to come to terms with what fate/society/life has consigned him to -- a weak body, limited options that force him into a role that most people (including himself!) disdain/distrust/look down upon.

That's part of what makes it so viscerally satisfying when his plans come to fruition, when he manages to turn yet another situation to his advantage, while those who overlooked him or sought to control his actions are left bewildered and wondering just what is happening.

(3) Onto what sharply differentiates it from The Lymond Chronicles: it is very much an ensemble cast. Like I was telling [personal profile] troisroyaumes, I bounced really hard off the Lymond books because it was lymond lymond LYMOND all the time, and the characterization of others, especially female others, I felt really suffered for that. I really dislike stories where the characterization of supporting characters are gutted in order to prop up the main, or where they serve as little more than stepping stones or accessories.

NiF is centered on Mei Chang Su/Lin Shu/Su Zhe, and he is the catalyst. But the main character doesn't diminish those around him, but the opposite -- part of what makes him so brilliant is their competency and brilliance. The way they are slowly revealed, how they gain enough depth that they could've carried the series on their own. And what amazes me the most is that even characters that never appear in the series, but only in people's memories, the author somehow manages to give so much depth and importance to, that it feels like they are the ones relentlessly driving the story forward.

(4) Another major difference, and something I take for granted in a lot of Asian stories/dramas. The sense of place and belonging, of people not being self-contained individuals, but a sum of those that came before them, and of existing in a web of relations and obligations with those around them now. And I mean, I have this in my life too? The solid certainty that this is where I came from, these are my parents and elders and teachers who molded and shaped me, whose legacy I carry, who I have a duty towards and at times need to represent. That it is not just me my actions reflect on.

Even if you question or rebel against parts or all of your legacy, even when you sharply break from tradition and the expectations placed on you -- one of the most compelling conflicts in this drama is Prince Jingyan vs his dad the Emperor, and that's just one of several examples I can cite -- that in no way diminishes its importance, but rather serves to highlight it.

And I think, I will always have a soft spot for stories that place importance on this, that have its characters navigating and grappling with it in all its complexity, rather than Ayn Rand brand of Galtian hero or the simplistic ~~I am a brainless drone that will follow every stupid restriction society places on me/ stupid instruction my elders give me~~.

(5) And of course, there isn't the blatant and rather despicable Orientalism that all of Dunnett's books had!

(6) I really want to watch another series like NiF! Why hasn't Hai Yan written anything else? She needs to give me something else to watch/read for the good of all mankind.
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Fandom/Geeky Things

Quench: a narrative puzzle game by Axon Interactive is a friend's company's project (by which I mean she's the company's president and co-founder), and while my gaming experience is pretty limited, I think Quench sounds pretty neat! Take a look at their Kickstarter page and see if it seems up your alley!

"A First Look Inside the Sailor Moon Museum Exhibit".

"What TV Networks Still Don't Understand About Fandom".

io9 has "The Greatest Black Women In Superhero Comics (Who Aren't Storm)", complete with some recommended reading for each.

"“I Don’t Like Bullies”: Captain America and a New Masculinity". [The Mary Sue]

"Meet Natalie Morales, Who's the Best Kind of Cool".

"How Comic Fans Got Their Faith Back: The plus-size character is getting her own full series, crafted by the Orphan Black writer Jody Houser".

I'm actively resisting installing Avengers Academy, but here's a good review of it at Women Write About Comics.

"Rebecca Sugar Announces Children’s Book Based on the Steven Universe Episode, “The Answer”". [The Mary Sue] (Please don't talk to me about this link, as I haven't actually seen Steven Universe yet!)


"Trope Anatomy 101: Beyond The Standard Heroic Range".

"How Do You Cross 'the Line' and Take Your Novel to the Next Level?"

A post from a few years ago by [ profile] dolorosa_12 on how dystopian YA flourished in Australian books well before the current landslide of it in North America. "I’ve always found it a combination of surprising and amusing when people talk about the recent dystopian YA boom as if it’s a new thing, as if Suzanne Collins plucked The Hunger Games out of the (dystopia-free) ether and opened the floodgates to a host of imitators. (Well, that’s sort of what happened, but that’s beside the point.) Growing up in Australia in the 90s, basically everything I read was dystopian, before I even knew what the word ‘dystopian’ meant."

Social Justice

"Common Words and Phrases That Have Seriously Racist Roots".

"Why Are We So Scared Of Teenage Girls?" [The Establishment]

"How Autism Awareness Goes Wrong". [Sarah Kurchak at The Establishment] "But even when people mean well, or at least better than Autism Speaks, their awareness can actually make life harder for autistics. Although we have a number of allies who do excellent work (and who support autistic voices, who are doing even more excellent work), there are also a lot of allies who want to help but just haven’t figured out where to start. Our societal narrative about disability still tells allistic people—people without autism—that they’re essentially the Mary Sues of life, and everyone else is a Dickensian urchin facing misery and privation because they’re not “normal.” Unfortunately, misreading social cues and unintentionally causing offense are not the sole provenance of autistics, which leads to some terribly unfortunate gestures and stunts. And that, in turn, leads to all sorts of situations in which autistic people—people whose disability is often characterized by social difficulties—must try to explain why said stunts are silly or offensive, with a level of grace and performed empathy that even the most socially gifted person would struggle to get right."

Cute Stuff

Via [locked], "Watch these cute Barn Owls learn how to fly for the first time". [~3 minute video]

The April Fools offering at Panels: "A Bunch of Cat GIFs, Posted Without Comment".

"Toucan purrs and basically acts like a house cat".

"Meet The Cat With The Cutest Purr On Earth!"

"50 photos of dogs jumping into lakes". [slideshow]
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Part Seven of "[profile] language_espcapes Dared Me to Watch and Liveblog a Bunch of HOUN Adaptations While I Was Sick and Now My Hard-Drive is Full of the Things and I Can't Bring Myself to Delete Them Without Watching Them First."

Собака Баскервилей | The Hound of the Baskervilles (1981)
Lenfilm (Russian); Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin

In which much fun is had at Canadians' expense )

Huh. I’m honestly not sure which I like better, this one or Granada. This one is arguably closer to the novel than Granada’s, although when it comes to the Holmes/Watson push-pull, I think Granada was closer-on than this one was. But both adapts did a nice job of carrying the middle – which is always the trick in these! – and giving me a narrative through-line to care about while all the detecting was going on.

I said earlier that Granada was the mark to meet or beat, and this one met it. Or perhaps rather the other way around, since this one was filmed first: had this made it to Britain by the time Granada filmed theirs, anyone know?


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