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Hi all, just a reminder to be wary when at the crag and climbing close to other groups. This weekend, my leader popped off an enormous rock on the second pitch on Tropicana at Rumney Rocks, NH. Another pair was climbing the first pitch as we were setting up for our second pitch, and were still at the base of the crag when the rock flew off and missed them by 10 feet.

Please excuse me: Holy Shit. It's a relief that the rock wasn't where the bolt was, but it all happened so fast that my leader can't recall whether it was a hand pull or a foot push that loosened it and all I remember is an enormous rock sailing off the cliff and thankfully thinking nobody was below... but there was, and it feels like mere luck that they did not get crushed.

Tropicana is a popular route and might be getting a little run out. Here is a brief account as posted by the other lead, on Mountain Project.


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